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Sep 12, 2012
When most of us think about swimming, we think back to the carefree days of our childhood.  The local community pool might have been crowded, noisy, and we did not worry much about sun tan lotion or sunblock. Swimming today has become a favorite form of exercise for all of us for a variety of reasons. 1. You get a great cardiovascular workout and swimming exercises the majority of your muscle groups.  Most of us find the water relaxing while we are floating away the stress on our joints and bones.  Overall, swimming is an excellent way to stay both physically and mentally fit. 2. Swimming in your own American Fiberglass Pool offers you the added benefit of being available to you 24/7 and to meet anyone’s fitness level.  Swimming is one of the few exercises that you can do if you are older, younger, pregnant or disabled.  Even if you have not previously been a swimmer or even if your overall fitness level is not as high as you would like it to be, you can begin by swimming for 30 minutes a day and gradually increase your swimming time to as much as you like. 3. Swimming is fantastic for people with weight related problems, particularly when it comes to your bones and joints.   While in the water you will feel lighter.  In fact, 150 pounds on land feels like 15 pounds when you are submerged in a pool.  This will make you feel fantastic while you lose that extra weight you are working on losing.  The buoyance of the water allows you to move around freely.  This makes you more limber and feel lighter.  Buoyancy also helps protect you from injury during exercise. 4. Being in a pool also helps you with your posture.  It is much easier to be fully upright in a pool.  Maintaining proper posture will help alleviate and prevent hip, neck, and back problems.  Further, the pool water also acts as a massage by exerting force on your body and massaging your muscles as you move around. 5. Being in an American Fiberglass Pool can help decrease your overall blood pressure.  Bet you did not know that!  If you have blood pressure problems, simply being in shoulder deep water can do just that.  This is due to increased circulation and relief from swelling. 6. Swimming in a pool will help you sleep better.  Why?  Remember when you were a kid and swimming or being in water left you physically tired?  While you may feel exhausted on a general basis, this form of tiredness and relaxation is apt to be conducive to sleeping.  This will allow you to get more rest at night. Lastly, we can never leave out all the FUN that will take place in a beautiful, affordable, VERY LOW maintenance American Fiberglass Pool.  Family and friends alike will love to visit your home to swim or just sit around the pool and chat. I hope all or at least some of this makes sense enough that you will want to enjoy your own American Fiberglass Pools this spring.  If you do, best time to get started on that project is RIGHT NOW.  This time of the year is when most people suddenly realize that summer is upon us in a short couple of months.  So take advantage of the incentives we are offering and call your nearest American Fiberglass Pool dealer today! Your thoughts are appreciated below! http://www.americanfiberglasspools.com/swimming-in-an-american-fiberglass-pool-has-surprising-benefits/