T1 Phone Service- The Fastest Phone System for Business


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Sep 5, 2012
There are many options available for phone services, but T1 phone services are the fastest one as it has more benefits for the consumers than other services. The main one is that it is a technology based on fiber optics, which is used to transmit data from one place to another. In other transmission services analog signals are used whereas in T1 digital signals are used for transmission.
Analog transmission is a slower process as compared to digital services. But in new technology of T1 transmissions through digital mediums which is very faster. This makes the communication very fast, suitable for the users who need internet services for longer period of time. Both home users and businesses are benefited with T1 phone services.
Features of T1 Phone Lines
In T1 phone lines voice and data is transferred at 1.544 Mbps in digital form. It can transfer up to 24 voice data calls simultaneously. They are being offered as an upgraded version of the normal phone lines or DSL systems. T1 offers businesses flexibility in phone systems and advanced communication features. It is also being used by large enterprises for their communication system. Companies uses DID (direct inward dialing) in combination of T1 to get hundreds of phone numbers for their business.
Installation and maintenance of T1 lines is also easy. In fact, T1 phone lines usually come with service level agreements that guarantee a minimum uptime, performance and reliability of service.
There are six types of T1 line service available. These are: Fractional T1, Integrated T1, Point to Point T1, Frame Relay Service, Bonded T1 and Burstable T1. All have different features available which can be selected according to the requirement. If someone is really interested of using this service then contact to the provider of your area.
Benefits of T1 Phone Lines
1) T1 line provides a high speed internet connection which is approximately 1.544 Megabits per second. Although there are lots of other options on Internet connections like ISDN, DSL lines, cables and wireless devices etc are available in the market which are not fast. Also, there are more expensive options also available like OC3 or T3.
2) T1 line provides 24 channels to transmit voice and the whole bandwidth is divided among all through which each channel transmit 64kbps. This technique allows almost 80 users to simultaneously work online at the same time with in the same location. The number of users can vary according to the usage of the internet. 3) T1 line is the best for those who demand reliable and 24 hours available high speed internet connection. Also, the mid-size businesses that require high bandwidth for their company work should also opt this connection. One can also take T1/DSI circuits on rent from providers who provide high standard and good service.
In some circumstances, this service can be available cheaper, but if the location of your company is far away which will require a long circuit connection to join the line then it will be costly. Normally city locations do not face this problem. Author: Know about the benefits of T1 line for a business. Also get FREE business internet quotes from leading T1 service providers. Compare the T1 prices available in the market.