Tempur-Pedic’s CEO Talks About Their Facebook Page


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Aug 27, 2012
In this video, Mark Sarvary, CEO of Tempur-Pedic, talks about the integrated strategy his company took. Their commercial, “Ask Me”, told consumers to ask on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube about the company’s mattresses. “Ask me about my Tempur-Pedic!” But what if you don’t know which of your friends have a Tempur-Pedic bed? That’s why, when “Ask Me” launched, I initiated a strategy to catch all those TV driven consumers. We had set up a Facebook page and a YouTube channel for the client back in Q2 2008, but neither was gaining the kind of popularity that would make them central hubs for conversation. Knowing that a brand’s Facebook page needs a certain critical mass, we applied our usual DR media buying tactics to drive more users to that page. Using a combination of site-wide “become a fan” ads (which were less expensive than homepage ads), and the inherent evangelism in the product, IMS drove almost ten thousand new fans to the Facebook page inside of three months. Now, when consumers shopping for a mattress go to “Ask Me”, they find a vibrant Tempur-Pedic Facebook page, with 13,000+ “likes”, where they can ask their questions and read other owners real, uncensored stories. In this video from February, when the page was just over 10,000 fans, CEO Mark Sarvary talks about how more and more people are coming to that Facebook page every day, and how that fits in with the overall Tempur-Pedic strategy. If the video doesn’t show up, above, it’s here on CNBC.com”