The 9 Principles of Exercise

Sep 12, 2012
From stronger muscles to enhanced flexibility, improved cardiovascular health to better endurance and lower risk of disease to boosted energy, physical exercise offers many benefits to anyone who engrosses in it. Regular exercise also helps in maintaining your mental health by lessening your anxiety, stress and inspiring your mood. Exercise more efficiently and effectively by evaluating your habitual usage of the nine principles of exercise. 1. Regularity: The benefits of exercise only last when you exercise regularly. This makes your body to adapt to muscle stimulation.
* To maintain effective results, you must exercise persistently. Infrequent exercise can do more harm to your body than good.
* Also, you should implement regularity in your daily work/rest patterns and eating. 2. Overload: To provide your body with enough motivation to cause alteration, you must reach towards the boundaries of your extent of movement.
* That means pushing yourself to more asserting levels whenever you exercise by increasing resistance, repetition, duration or intensity.
* In order to improve your physical fitness and health, ensure that the amount of work you perform during any exercise exceeds the normal demands that you place on the body.
* If you are looking for some real results, you’ll have to put on some real effort. 3. Progression: To be efficient, your exercise routine needs to get progressively more demanding over time.
* This means that both the amount and intensity of your physical activity should be increased gradually.
* It is important to maintain that all progressions are even and small in nature to prevent overwhelming the body’s ability to restore. 4. Specificity: This principle states that human body will comply with whatever exercises you perform.
* For example, if you only carryout bench presses, your body will not accustom to sit-ups. Hence, it may be beneficial for you to alter your training accordingly.
* The adaptations your body will make are precise to the types of exercise and stress to which it is exposed to. 5. Variety: While selectivity is important, variety helps to keep you excited and engaged about your exercise regime.
* Even the most perfect exercise program will become sour after a while. Variety allows recovery and can reduce risk of injury. Also, it helps to increase your motivation and progress. 6.Adaptation: It means that the body can adjust to any burden as long as it is done in small increments.
* The amount of momentum the body can make depends on consistency of workouts, genetic makeup, adequate rest and nutrition.
* Thus, adaptation results in less muscle breakdown, improved efficiency and less effort at that level. 7. Recovery: Recovery periods allow your body to comply to overload. Though every human is different, most people need at least 2 days of recovery between strenuous workouts.
* While overload is crucial for prompting an adaptive response within your body, overload without recovery can result in diminution in fitness. 8. Periodization: It describes the need to make long term fitness plan if you want to work towards fitness-related goals.
* Make sure that your plan not only include periods of high volume and high intensity training but also periods of rest and recovery. 9. Reversibility: Unfortunately, fitness cannot be stored. If you take a sustained break from your regular workouts, your body will begin to regress to its pre-trained state.
* A short break of a week or so will have an insignificant effect on your fitness but lengthy breaks will result in a steady decline of both cardiovascular fitness and strength.
* To maintain persistent fitness levels over time, you must be rational in your training efforts. Each principle allows us to assess some element of a person’s training. When you adopt the principles properly, you are most likely to be successful. If you want to improve any aspect of your physical performance, you need to adhere to the exercise principles. These principles can be thought of as a catalog to success. CrossFit Outbreak, CrossFit gyms in Brooklyn is offering coached group strength, endurance, mobility and yoga classes. The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability making the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. If you are looking for Brooklyn CrossFit, visit our website