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Aug 20, 2012
Remember every time you have that perfect smoothie at your favourite cafe or juice centre and you think to your self, ‘I am going to make this at home!’ And when you reach home with all that inspiration and even after shopping for the ingredients, you realize well it’s much easier to pay for it then make it on your own and find yourself walking into that smoothie place gain. Not your fault, completely. Sometimes the regular juicers, blenders, etc. do not provide the blend that is needed to whip up that perfect smoothie. That’s why there are vita mix blenders advanced kitchen blenders that whip up your smoothies, shakes and protein mixes just the way you like them! One such product is the Omniblend blender available from This kitchen and commercial line of blenders is creating a huge buzz in the market with its superior quality performance and better end results. Built to prepare shakes, smoothies and every refreshing drink that you can think of, the JTC Omniblend kitchen blender will become your favourite appliance in the kitchen. Many big commercial centres also choose the Omniblend because of the super frothy smoothies and cool ice blends it creates. It’s a great buy if you love to sip on something fresh, milky or refreshing all the time. The yummy treats that you can impress the kids with are only limited by your imagination. From ice cream shakes to super healthy smoothies, to shakes with oats, there’s a lot you can do. In fact, if you have to prepare a nice batter for a cake, cupcake or a muffin, the blender will be at your service. From your salsa sauces to your favourite chutneys, you can prepare anything at home with the twist of this kitchen blender. The Omniblend Blender Advantage
The first is the convenient operation of the blenders. You can easily operate the blender and make any and everything you want.
The blender is just rightly priced and you wouldn’t feel having spending too much on any of the models.
It allows you to try and experiment with a whole range of foods.
Instructions to use are clearly mentioned for you to enjoy the best cooking session in the kitchen. At, you can browse through a whole range of blenders – kitchen and commercial and make your pick according to your requirement. They have got a huge stock of different Omniblend models that will be the perfect additions to your kitchen.