The Darkest Night


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Aug 30, 2012
Written by Brian Moran
Edited by Kolja Raven Liquette Hours had passed since Raeth had hid himself amongst the pillared shadows within the Chamber of Echoes. He marvelled at how easy it was to command the darkness now. Finally, after a decade of biding his time, of waiting for the perfect moment to strike, retribution was at hand. This left a hollow feeling in Raeth’s stomach, because it would never bring back the departed, but the thought of justice strengthened his convictions. How long had it been since he last felt a real emotion? Not since the Twilight King was slain at the hands of his closest kin. Rage welled within Raeth knowing that the only person who had ever truly cared about him was dead at the hands of another he mistakenly trusted. In a bid for power and prestige, his mother successfully plotted to help a usurper take the title of “Twilight King” away from his father, along with leadership over the shadow guild that came with it. The attack was unfairly numbered and cruel. When the deed was done, his father lay dead, though not before he used his last breath to spirit Raeth away to one of the many bolt holes created for treacheries such as this.  As these memories played themselves out yet again, Raeth began casting. Liquid shadows crawled up his body and covered his face in a mask of inky darkness. Raeth had silently commanded the gloom to envelope him without even realizing it, possessing him into utter blackness. He could feel that it would not be much longer. Raeth allowed his body to slide from the realm of shadows back into the material plane, and as if on cue, the black marble double doors that led into the chamber opened. A woman of incredible beauty, who commanded respect with a mere glance, stepped into the chamber. She was dressed in an immaculate gown of midnight blue, with lustrous black hair pulled back and pinned into place. She walked holding the hand of an individual that was as majestic as herself (though not beautiful by any stretch of the word). Indeed, one would think the man looked almost feral, similar to a predator before a kill. He was adorned in viciously spiked, dull black armour, and casually tossed a serrated dagger in his free hand. His dark eyes were most notable of all, which reflected back what little light filtered into the room, much like an animal. These individuals, his mother and the usurper of his father’s guild, were followed by a number of lightly armoured guards who also wore spiked armour. After filing into the chamber, the guards dispersed and took up various posts throughout the room and beside the entranceway. Meanwhile, his mother and the current guild master sat down together at an immense table of lacquered bronze wood, where they began to idly drink some wine in anticipation of a dinner that would soon be served. Now was the time. With a mere thought, the entire chamber was plunged into darkness. This did not hamper Raeth in the least, as his vision allowed him to see in darkness as if it were an overcast day. Raeth produced the slimy arm of an ocean creature from his pouch, drew an arcane symbol in the air, and without uttering a sound, caused tentacles of inky darkness to erupt in front of the door. All the room’s occupants were caught unaware as the tentacles began snatching up guards and constricting them in a rubbery embrace. Hearing the screams of men who were meant to protect her, Raeth watched his mother’s face contort into a visage of shock and horror. A pale grin stretched across his face. This was just the beginning. He knew who was guilty and the guilty knew it too. The only thing left was to exact the one judgment they deserved…