The GboxApp Experience


New member
Sep 12, 2012
I was looking through some forums and found GboxApp. There are both good and bad reviews about it so I found myself in the middle. What intrigued me about this app is its claim to be the app that beats all apps. Not wanting to be biased, I tried it for myself. GboxApp’s Useful Tools I checked what Gbox offers and found out a long list of tools. It has traditional stuff like a basic calculator, time zone and currency converters, a calendar and a timer. Pretty useful, I thought. I have separate gadgets for each of these functions and I find it a hassle to bring them out constantly. With the app, I don’t have to leave my PC or do Google searches to find out what time it is in China, for example. As far as I know, you can add more tools to your Gbox if you choose to. Unique Calculators Aside from those items I frequently use, Gbox also has unique tools such as a delayed cost calculator and the world market watch. I only encountered these two in this app. Honestly, I’m relieved that this app contains both because I have to do tedious calculations and research when I do it manually. The calorie calculator is beginning to be my favorite too. I’m not usually health conscious but this feature makes me more mindful of what I eat. I appreciate the thoughtfulness and expertise of GboxApp’s programmers. Fun Items GboxApp has traditional games like Tetrix – an upgraded version of Tetris, Sudoku, Chess, and my longtime game of Pacman. I love playing these four classic games. For times when I can’t decide on something or when I want to get some laughs, I use the Magic 8 ball. The Funny Quotes feature gave me material to use during conversations. It’s nice that they didn’t leave out the entertainment aspect – not all apps are as comprehensive as Gbox. What to Expect From Gbox I thought that I have to pay to get Gbox but to my relief, it is freeware. I downloaded it from the site and it was simple to install. It has an additional toolbar option to help users with their web browsing. I was a bit apprehensive at first to use it because I’ve read some claims that Gboxapp is malware. Despite this, I tried it for myself and I’m happy to say that this app is perfectly safe. The Drawbacks of This App This app may not be for everyone especially those who are overly concerned about the safety of apps. As for me, I’ve checked whether it works smoothly and it did. When using the Internet, the program might give suggestions of websites to consult and some may not approve of this function. It is my personal opinion that the usefulness of GBoxApp depends on the user’s openness. What I Think About GboxApp Now that I’ve tested it myself with my Microsoft OS, I have a positive regard for Gbox. Though there are many critics who may sway some to distrust the app, I know for a fact that it works for me. As with any app, installing Gbox involves faith in the program’s developers, and I’m relieved that they didn’t let me down.