The intelligent HP LTO-3 Backup Tape Technology For Small An


Sep 5, 2012
In the modern world if any business wants to grow and boom it has to invest in its IT department. It is in the hands of the IT department to take all the necessary measures that will enhance the efficiency of the business. These measures include installing new technology and removing obsolete technology. At the core of all these changes lies one object, that is, profit maximization. Most businesses think the more expensive technology they install the higher the levels of efficiency will be. This I am afraid is a flawed assumption. The kind of technology that a business installs must be in accordance with the needs of the business. For instance if your business is not very data intensive and you install a 1.5 Terabyte backup tape then this is a not effective spending. The tape costs you twice as much as a tape with lower storage capacity but serves the same purpose. Such a problem is most common in small and medium businesses. As a matter of fact many small and medium businesses do not even have a proper IT department that can guide then in choosing the right kind of backup technology. The purpose of this article is to help small and medium businesses make efficient and cost effective decisions when it comes to backup technology. Hewlett-Packard is one of the biggest brand names in the world of technology. Customers throughout the world trust Hewlett-Packard and have their loyalties with it because they know HP products are simply the best. A good example of such a HP product would be HP LTO3 tape part number C7973A. This HP LTO3 ultrium tape is a perfect backup technology solution. HP LTO3 tape has sufficient storage space for small as well as medium businesses. It can store 400 Gigabytes of native data. One of the most attractive features of this tape is that it allows for compression. You can easily compress data into your tape and the storage capacity of compressed data is twice as much as raw data that is 800 Gigabytes. With such high storage capacity one expects high processing speed too and HP LTO3 backup tape system does not disappoint you. This LTO3 can process native data at a high speed of 80 Megabytes’ per second. The processing speed of compressed data follows the storage capacity and is also twice as high as raw data that is 160 Megabytes’ per second. Another aspect that makes HP C7973A, LTO3 media tape most suitable for small and medium businesses is the storage space. Small and medium businesses do not have the luxury of vast storage capacities but this lto3 tape is extremely very compact and light weight. This means HP LTO3 tape will require very little storage or shelf space. If the dimensions of the tape are explored in detail it can be seen that the tape weighs only 10.08 oz. The width of the tape is around is 4.5”, depth 4.4’ and height is 1.8”. Mark Paul is the marketing manager of odsi and publish article on HP LTO-3 media tape and Fuji LTO3 tape. Mark Paul
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