The Origin of ONAN


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Oct 30, 2012
Onan was born and raised a simple towns person in the small village of Feystruck. And it is there that he has lived to this day under the parenting of Malen, his father.
Onan’s story begins before he can even remember for it was at a very early age that his mother (for some reason unbeknownst to Onan) left her family and went out into the world. While lacking a mother figure could be quite harmful for most children Onan was lucky enough to have a warm and caring father who raised him well despite the difficulties of having to bring up a son alone.
What truly made Onan’s upbringing unique was the fact that Malen was the local druid and therefore the healer of the villager’s pets and livestock. Malen raised Onan as a man of the land. He would take him on many an excursion into the woods where he would teach him how to live in unison with the wilderness that surrounded them. While Malen did try to teach Onan the other side of druidic life, that of natural divinity, and while the gods did take an interest in the young man, Onan was so focused on his innate connection with the creatures that surrounded him. This seem much more tangible to Onan than the gods of natures his father worshiped.
In his childhood Onan’s bond with animals was always seen around town as merely a quirky gift and nothing more. “There’s Malen’s boy again” the townsfolk would whisper to each other, “I wonder what poor beast he’s befriended today”. But what began as a minor childhood empathy with animals grew to be much more as Onan grew older.
Now well over twenty years old, the scope of Onan’s gift has gone far beyond animals into a deep connection with the sole of his common man. While the forest was able to feed Onan’s curiosity when it came to understanding animals, his newfound mental potential forced his mind to wander beyond the inherent limitations found int the small village of Feystruck. Incoming search terms: stavenjor