Timeshare Charity Donation


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Sep 14, 2012
Are you tired of the timeshare week you are obligated to pay maintenance fees on or just can´t afford? Should you rent it? Sell it? Perhaps a doing a timeshare charity donation? Timeshare charity donation and fair market value The tax deduction you can receive out of a timeshare charity donation is limited to the “fair market value” of your timeshare. Fair market value is the price a buyer would pay for your timeshare in the resale market. Fair market value is not the amount you paid for your week or what the timeshare is selling for at retail prices. Timeshare charity donation – real value Most timeshares have a REAL resale value of less than $500.00 USD. Why is this possible when you paid thousands of dollar to own the damn thing? Very simple, timeshares are not financial investments. A developer pays thousands of dollars in marketing expenses in order to sell one out of ten customer who walk through the sales room. this expenses are deducted from the cost of your timeshare. Another aspect to take in consideration is that there are around 600 people looking to sell their timeshares for every person interested in purchasing a timeshare in the resale market. Therefore, as you can see,timeshare resale becomes a difficult task. If you check for prices on internet sites such as eBay or RedWeek, timeshare are being sold for $1 Dollar commonly. Timeshare charity donation – the economics Now we know the real value of your timeshare. Question is, How much can you expect to obtain as tax deduction?  Let´s say that your week is valued at $350 dollars; if you do a timeshare charity donation, the proceedings will arrive as a tax deduction. If your tax bracket is 20%, your tax savings will be approximately $70 dollars. Timeshare charity donation and the IRS When doing a timeshare charity donation there are ways to appraise your timeshare for up to $5000 dollars or more but you run the risk to be audited. Some timeshare owners inflate the value of their timeshare to obtain a higher tax break.  Doing this, constitutes  a tax fraud which can result in criminal consequences. You and I know how much trouble the IRS can bring in your life so I don´t recommend this venue. Timeshare charity donation – reason to do it People wishing to perform a timeshare charity donation should do it on the desire to help a nonprofit organization and the desire to exit an unwanted timeshare, not by wishing to obtain a tax break. Timeshare charity donation – conclusions Mexican Timeshare Solutions has received several calls asking for help since timeshare owners that did atimeshare charity donation were audited by the IRS and now they have big penalties to pay (some cases, the sum is larger than the initial timeshare cost). We recommend to look around for a company or charity who is not only interested in obtaining a financial gain out of you but a company who is legitimately interested in helping you get out of your timeshare. If you wish to do a timeshare charity donation of a  by Text-Enhance href=http://www.timesharescam.com/blog/102-timeshare-charity-donation/#membership purchased in America, contact Mexican Timeshare Solutions today to explain you how we can help you get rid of your timeshare in three easy steps. best of all, you don´t have to pay any upfront fees; MTS gets paid until you are free of timeshare. This guarantee gets you on the safe side. Contact Mexican Timeshare Solutions today to get rid of a timeshare purchased in the US. About Mexican Timeshare Solutions: Our goal is to assist timeshare purchasers who feel they were scammed or taken advantage of by fraudulent salespeople. No upfront fees for our services cancelling timeshare frauds. We offer a free consultation and we do not rest until get your cancellation. Contact:                                                            
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