Tips for Healthy Skin by Dermatologists in Mumbai


Aug 22, 2012
Skin is the largest part of our body and perhaps one which is neglected the most. Moreover, our skin is the most vulnerable body part as it is in direct contact with the outside world at all times. Be it heat, humidity, rain, pollution or dust – the skin bears it all. All these factors have an extremely damaging impact on the skin and prolonged exposure without adequate care can render your skin pale and lifeless. Dermatologists in Mumbai lay down a few tips to keep in mind for a healthy, glowing and youthful skin: 1.Minimize exposure to the sun Although it is common knowledge, most of us tend to ignore the fact that the sun is the biggest enemy of safe and healthy skin. Dermatologists in Mumbai say that apart from causing premature ageing of skin, increased exposure to the sun greatly increases skin cancer risk. It is advised to always use an effective sunscreen and cover your face with a cotton cloth while stepping out into the sun for long durations. 2.Don’t let your skin run dry Letting your skin stay dry for long periods of time eventually erodes its natural oils and the skin looks damaged and morbid. Dermatologists in Mumbai suggest that skin should always be kept hydrated by applying moisturizer on a daily basis. Also, be sure to choose a product that is suitable for your skin-type. 3.Enrich your diet with vitamins and proteins A majority of skin conditions can effectively be treated with just the right dietary habits and Dermatologists in Mumbai assert this view. Vitamin C is known to aid in the preservation of youthful and radiant looking skin and a vitamin C rich diet also tackles acne in a considerable manner. In addition, cutting down on refined carbohydrates also helps the skin to maintain a light and fresh tone, keeping it spot free. 4.Avoid use of strong chemicals Whether it is a cleansing soap, a body lotion or a cleanser, each and every product used on your skin should first be carefully studied and examined. According to Dermatologists in Mumbai, people often end up using strong and rough cleansing products on their skin which strips the oils from the skin and increases risk of bruises and rashes. Mild and organic cleansing products should always be preferred for a blemish free skin. 5.Minimize use of cosmetics Although all of us love using new and advanced products on our faces, Dermatologists in Mumbai strongly recommend that the usage of cosmetics should be limited in order to maintain the natural glow of skin. The innumerable chemicals contained in these products gradually damage the skin and result in early wrinkles, spots and acne. Thus, avoid using cosmetics on a daily basis and always select them carefully. Moreover, their use should always be followed by a thorough cleansing process using an appropriate cleansing lotion applicable to your skin type. For best dermatologist or to ask a dermatologist for free, please visit our website: