Tips On Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed


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Sep 3, 2012
Some are much luckier than others when it comes to wisdom teeth. For some, they don’t have to get their wisdom teeth removed at all because they just happen to naturally align with the back molar tooth. For others, they may experience conditions like impacted wisdom teeth when the teeth continues to grow sideways, causing huge pains in the jaw and mouth. If you are yet to take out any wisdom teeth, here are some tips you can follow. First, it is important to note that it is not a must to get rid of your wisdom teeth. It only becomes necessary when it starts becoming a problem for your oral health. For example, if food residues keep getting stuck around your wisdom teeth, it would be wise to remove it so you reduce the chances of bacteria spreading. This can usually occur if the teeth isn’t properly aligned with the rest of your jaw. Some people are lucky to not have any of their wisdom teeth removed at all. They are spared the pain of having to deal with it. If you aren’t so lucky and need all your wisdom teeth removed, here are some tips on dealing with the pain and procedure. Depending on how deep your wisdom teeth is, your dentist may need to do a bit of surgery to get it out from the gum tissue. To do this, they will apply some anesthetic on your gum area to numb the pain. It will definitely be scary for those who are having surgery for the first time because the dentist will inject the anesthetic using a large needle. The best thing you can do is to simply close your eye and think of something positive while it is being injected. It will only take a few seconds for the numbness to take effect. Even though local anesthetic is designed to get rid of the surgical pain, you may still feel a bit of uncomfortable motions while the procedure is going on. For example, the dentist may make a little cut along the gum tissue so it is easier to get the whole teeth out. Once the opening is wide enough, they will try and crank the teeth out (along with its roots). Once that happens, your gum tissues may start to bleed heavily. Don’t freak out when you start tasting blood. The dentist will give you cups of water to wash off the blood quickly. Once the teeth is out, the dentist will attach the empty hole with stitches. It is extremely important that you leave the stitches alone while your gum tissues are healing. It may be tempting to waggle the stitches with your tongue, but you must avoid that all costs to prevent bacterial infections from potentially spreading. When you are getting your wisdom teeth removed, you should also avoid bad health habits like smoking during the healing process. Cigarettes contain properties that slow down your healing process therefore it will cause more damage on the gum tissues. If you do experience wisdom teeth issues, make sure it is dealt with as soon as possible.