Tips To Create A Perfect Meal Plan For Fitness Training


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Aug 31, 2012
Experts suggest that if your diet plan is not what it should be, your workout routine will fail completely even when it is perfectly designed. You might feel this statement to be exaggerating. But, the fact is that even experts say that if your diet is not at the best, your workout program cannot bring the intended results. In other words, a perfect meal plan for fitness training is of utmost importance and here are some tips that can help you in this respect: Calorie intake: In general, fitness coaching programs suggest that the registrants that if their primary goal is to lose fat, the best thing they should do is to create a daily calorie deficit of around 20% than their calorie maintenance level. On the other hand, if your goal is to build muscle or increase strength, it is important that you should create a daily calorie surplus of nearly 250 calories than calorie maintenance level. Calorie maintenance level: In general, it is important that people looking for meal plan for fitness training should also check their calorie maintenance level. Every person should eat a specific level of calorie each day to maintain the current weight. This is termed as calorie maintenance level. To get this level for your body, you should multiply your current weight in pounds by 14 and 18. You will get two different values by this multiplication and your calorie requirement per day will fall in between these two values. If you are an active person with a faster rate of metabolism, you should consider the higher end value obtained in the above-mentioned formula. If you are less active, you should go for the lower end. If you are not sure about the category under which you come, you can select a middle level. It is recommended that you should choose fitness coaching programs, on the basis of whether your goal is to lose fat or whether you are looking to build muscle. When losing fat is your goal, you should consume lesser calories per day as compared to your maintenance level. When this is done, there will be calorie deficit to your body and so it will begin to take the fat already stored in your body, which in turn help you achieve weight loss. There are programs that assure maximum weight loss in 21 days and you can also enroll in such a program. If your goal is to build muscle, you should consume more calories than your maintenance level as this will help you to achieve maximum weight loss in 21 days and importantly you can do this without losing muscle. If you are looking for weight losing training program, then 21-day program at provides healthy eating plans which gives you complete details on taking nutritious food with less fat content. Our rapid weight loss exercise plan is helpful for losing weight quickly before an event or vacation. For more info, Click Here.