Tips to Improve the Lifespan of Your Air-Conditioning


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Aug 29, 2012
Regardless of the country you are staying, almost every household will have an Air-Con in their house. Over the past few years, Air-Con has become a necessity for us, human beings. Due to the extremely hot weather during summer, Air-Con is essential for all households to cool themselves. However, it is one of the most expensive electrical appliances as compared to others. Also, replacement of the system can be very costly too. Hence, the importance of extending the lifespan of the units has been increasing over the years. In this article, you will learn about some tips that you could do to extend the life of your Air-Con Filters
You should replace the filters in the units regularly. However, it is dependable on the usage of the Air-Con and the quality of the air. Heavy usage of the units will require replacing the filters frequently and vice versa. The average intervals would be around 35 to 65 days. Alternative Methods
During summer, where the heat is intolerable, it may cause additional harm to your Air-Con system. Thus, try to apply different techniques to cool down your house and improve the circulation of the air. Methods such as installing ceiling fans, or install window blinds to block the heat from entering. By keeping your house cool, your Air-Con won’t be overworking and will extend the life of it. Condensing Unit
Condensing unit is the unit that is installed outside of your house or office. It is considered the heart of the Air-Con system. Without the condenser, the units won’t be able to transmit the cool air to the room. Try to keep the condenser clean by removing wild grass or dirt that grows around it, sometimes, even bird nest can be found inside. Hence, by keeping the condenser clean, you can ensure that the system will be running at an efficient rate.
Also, help to keep your condenser cool by placing or planting tiny trees around the condenser. The reason is to block the sunlight from directly shining it on the condenser so that unit won’t overwork and able to operate smoothly. Do take note that try not to place the plants and trees too close the units to prevent algae forming. Regular Maintenance
Regular aircon servicing is also very important, as a knowledgeable could spot potential issues in the system before the problem is worsening. Tuning of the system once a year and some minor repairs of the spare parts in your system could effectively increase the life of your Air-Con. Programmable Thermostat
Having a programmable thermostat could increase the efficiency of the system over the years as you will be able to set the temperature according to the condition. Try to set the thermostat that could cool you down when you are at home, but higher when you are out of the house. Also, try setting it higher during bed time when the air temperature is generally lower. Exhaust Fan
Try to get rid of the hot air and smell in your house when you are cooking by switching on your exhaust fan. Those hot air and smell may get into the pores of the units and cause additional dirt into the system, thus reducing the efficiency of the unit. Furniture
Try to keep your Air-Con units as high as possible, where there will be no furniture such as shelves blocking the flow of the air. By having a smooth air circulation from your units to the room will prevent overworking and also ensure smooth operation of the system. Long Operating Hour
Try not to on your Air-Con system for 24/7. This is because those units behave just like human beings, they need to rest too. Insisting them to work nonstop will damage the system and significantly reduces the lifespan of it. For more information about services that could help to extend the lifespan of your units, please click here.