Aug 27, 2012
Origin of the Brand “Titleist” Titleist Golf was founded by Phillip Young, he had previously owned and run a rubber company but as the rubber market went downhill he decided on an alternative industry. He was apparently a frustrated golfer, who one day thought he would x ray a Golf Ball to see what was inside and why they didn’t fly straight. He found that many balls were off centre and thought this was an opportunity to provide a better golf ball that would fly straight. By the early 1930s he had devised a Golf Ball l that used spun rubber that wrapped around a solid core to produce a golf ball that actually went straight. History of the Brand “Tileist” This developed after the war into a perfected Golf Ball that was the most played ball in the US open. In the 60s and 70s the company acquired other golf brands and started to produce Golf clubs and other equipment. In 1985 the group acquired the biggest name Foot-Joy probably the best known golf shoe in the world. Even though Titleist are known for all of their golf equipment across the world they are probably best known for their golf balls. Their big breakthrough was their balata ball in the 1980s which offered golfers soft feel and control, the downside was that they split easy and you could destroy a lot of Golf Balls easily. They solved this with their Titleist professional ball which had the balata insides but a hard outside cover; yes it was expensive but very popular. As other companies followed their line they designed and developed their most famous ball the Titleist Pro V1 which is the most popular ball in the world and this has enabled them to stay ahead of the game. Currently Titleist golf today is known for top end goods in all areas of golf equipment. Top professionals play their clubs and many more their balls and their golf equipment is revered the world over. Titleist is a name, more often than not, associated with Golf Ball manufacturing. Understandably so, as the No.1 ball in golf with 650 active patents, Titleist is the leader in Golf Ball technology and according, to a Golf Data tech UK survey, between July 2007 and July 2008, nearly 35% of all Golf Ball sold in the UK market were made by Titleist. Achievements of the Brand “Titleist” However, Titleist , are much more than Golf Ball manufacturers, and with close to 77 years of golf manufacturing pedigree behind them. Titleist is a name that is synonymous with excellence in golf. Considered by many to be the premier supplier of golf equipment to both pros and amateurs alike – they have carved a piece of destiny for themselves with their popular array of golf balls. Titleist is well known in the world of golf as the producer of the most popular Golf Ball in the sport and has been for decades. As a result, Titleist Golf Balls are in the number one position for market share. The reason for this success is Titleist golf’s commitment to satisfy golfers of all ability levels by developing golf products of superior performance and quality. Titleist Golf Balls and clubs come from this commitment and are produced using the latest technology and innovation. Titleist does not only produce golf balls; the company also develops a range of other top quality golf products. The innovation and technology at Titleist is behind a full line of clubs, gloves, bags, and accessories. ” Titleist is committed to satisfy golfers with golf products of superior performance and quality.”
“Titleist Bags”
Titleist golf bags are not just an opportune approach to transport your golfing needs, however they have become a status symbol likewise. Titleist is a brand built using a reputation of fine craftsmanship, durability, convenience, and tradition. The Titleist brand also sponsors some of the world’s most successful golfers and outfits including the most novice of players. Even now opt for question that explain why sporting a Titleist golf bag shows your loyalty to the brand and on the golf game itself. Resources
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