Top 10 Reasons informed buyers purchase an American Fibergla


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Aug 27, 2012
There are reasons for everything that occurs in life.  We recently completed a survey asking a number of American Fiberglass Pool buyers what their most important reasons were that they decided to use American Fiberglass Pools as their manufacturer of choice. The top 10 reasons informed buyers purchase an American Fiberglass Pool. 1.         American Fiberglass Pools are beautifully built, have a lifetime warranty (ask your American Fiberglass Pool dealer for a copy), and will provide your family with a lifetime of great fun and memories. 2.         American Fiberglass Pools has had the same location, same ownership, and the same phone number for 41 plus years. 3.         American Fiberglass Pools is the oldest continuously operated fiberglass pool manufacturer in North America, since 1971! 4.         American Fiberglass Pools are built without the use of core or filler materials that weaken the structural integrity of the pool shell.  American Fiberglass Pools uses only 100% pure fiberglass construction and are the strongest fiberglass pool built. 5.         American Fiberglass Pool can be full of water and ready for concrete in 5-6 days (depending on access and weather conditions). 6.         American Fiberglass Pools have incredible financing available in almost every state (on approved credit) with interest rates as low as 5%. 7.         American Fiberglass Pools have a dozen beautiful High Definition colors to select from for your family’s pool surface color! 8.         American Fiberglass Pools has been a member of the BBB since 1979 (33 years) and has an A+ rating. 9.         American Fiberglass Pool can be purchased by using most credit cards.  Can anyone say mileage points? 10.       American Fiberglass Pools are built so strong that they can be removed and reinstalled in your new home.