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Sep 12, 2012
Engineering has always been one of the most reputed courses in the Indian higher education system.  Students from the start of their high schools, start preparing for the various entrance exams that helps them to get into the top prestigious technology colleges in India. Where engineering is concerned, India does have a set mind. Students who pass out from the top leagues are immediately grabbed by various multinational corporations. Depending on your specialization, you would be tailor-made for a profession in that field. Here are some of the top engineering specializations that as a student you can opt for. Computer Engineering: As the age of technology progresses, a degree in computer science has almost become mandatory for students who aspire to be involved in this growth process. A computer engineering graduate would be specializing in a field that is engrossed in computers. From logic, software to understanding the physical system, theories, design etc. – Computer engineering is one of the most sought after engineering specialization there is. Mechanical Engineering: Being one of the oldest branched of engineering, Mechanical Engineering has always been considered to be one of the toughest yet exciting lines of engineering. From Automobiles, industrial, machines and manufacturing to fluid mechanics and production – Mechanical engineering covers the whole lot. As a student you would learn various sub topics like thermodynamics, mechanics, robotics, kinematics, fluid mechanics etc. Civil Engineering: The infrastructure that is around us, all due credits go to civil engineers. This area of specialisation covers various areas like design, maintenance and construction of bridges, roads, canals, dams, buildings etc. This is also one of the oldest branches of engineering. Civil engineering is sub-divided into various categories like Architectural engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geophysics Engineering, Structural Engineering and many more. Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering: The idea of going into space is something that attracts a lot of students into these fields. Aerospace engineering is the branch that trains students to design, construct and other things related to aircraft and spacecraft. Then it is further divided under Aeronautical and Astronautical engineering. The first deals with operating crafts within the Earth’s atmosphere and the second operate outside the earth’s atmosphere. These engineers also develop and test various aircrafts or spacecrafts and missiles. Marine Engineering: Engineering is a field that covers air, road and water. While Aerospace and related field dominated the Air domain and mechanical and civil covers the land domain – Marine engineering covers everything that goes on water. Dealing with all the equipments on a ship and also the architecture and science of the ship etc. Marine engineers have an overall responsibility of the ships technical management like selection of gas turbines, steam turbines, engines etc. Electrical Engineering: If you are constantly wondering what goes behind an electrical circuit and device and their various systems which cover the broad field of electrical and engineering. For processing, conversion, storage and control of energy – An electrical engineer is responsible for all of this.