Top Rated Foods that reduce the risk of Iron Deficiency


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Aug 23, 2012
A diet is incomplete without iron, because it is an important mineral for the human body. Inadequate consumption of the iron mineral increases the risk of anemia, a disorder in which body unable to make hemoglobin in the blood. Iron is an essential component of the hemoglobin which helps to carry the oxygen along with blood throughout the body. Nutritional deficiency or iron deficiency increase the risk of susceptible illness especially among children and pregnant women. There are two types of irons which are essential for your health known as heme iron and animal source iron called non-heme iron. It is essential for pregnant women to consume more than 27 milligrams iron daily and for men need to consume 8 milligrams iron daily. Cause of Anemia Anemia is normally occurred due to lower level of the iron, and there are many factors that associated with the low level of iron in the body. Blood loss in women during monthly periods Poor diet or iron-deficiency diet During Pregnancy Major symptoms of Anemia It is necessary to consult with a physician, if you experience one of them symptoms of anemia. Feeling cold Dizziness Difficulty in breathing Fatigue Headache List of foods that rich in iron Liver Liver is a rich source of heme iron and also loaded with essential vitamins, minerals and protein. It is important to consume more beef and port liver because both of livers contain higher level of iron and vitamin c. For the pregnant women, it is recommended to eat liver in moderate amount because it contains high level of cholesterol and vitamin A, which increases the risk of birth defects. Oysters If you like to eat sea food then never miss out oysters, because a single oyster can deliver 3 to 5 mg of iron and also loaded with zinc and vitamin B12. You can make oyster recipe to get the maximum amount of the iron which is required for your health. Apart from that, you can include clams, mussels and squid in your menu to get important nutrients. Pumpkin Seed If you want to boost the iron level then always use pumpkin seeds in your kitchen. There are multiple benefits of consuming pumpkin seeds and boosting iron level is one of them. Fortified Cereal A dose of iron which is required to make hemoglobin is incomplete without the intake of a fortified cereal bowl. Apart from that, fortified cereal contains the important vitamins and minerals like zinc, calcium, vitamin B and fiber. Soybeans Soybeans are excellent source of the iron and also rich in other minerals like copper and manganese. The presence of copper in these legumes keeps blood vessel and immune system healthy. In addition, soybeans contain high level of protein, amino acid, vitamins and fiber. Here are the lists of other foods which are excellent source of iron such as turkey, red meat, dried fruits, and Green vegetable. There are two rich sources of iron, animals and plants, but iron that comes from animal is more easily absorbed by body as compare to plants. Apart from Iron, Zinc is another essential mineral and its deficiency may contribute low level of T hormone in men. The abnormal level of T hormone can contribute ED, which is treatable with use of Zenegra online, a trusted solution of ED. So it is necessary to consume these foods to defeat iron deficiency and disease like Anemia.