Top Rated Herbal Remedies For Acidity Relief


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Sep 29, 2012
Acidity is actually just a discomfort in the initial stages, but if it is not rightly treated, it will turn out to be a menace. When people opt for some unnatural medicines for this condition, they themselves create some side effects. This is why it is recommended to rely on herbal remedies for acidity relief. Before actually getting into the details about these remedies, it is better to get an understanding about the causes of this condition. Causes of acidity: When getting into the details about the causes, the important point to remember is that stomach pains need not necessarily be due to acidity as the pains can be caused due to different reasons. So, it is better to get the condition properly diagnosed. However, there are some discomforts that will help in identifying about the possibility of acidity to a great extent. Here are some possible causes of acidity: 1. Unsystematic consumption of oily foods and eatables with more spices, sweet and salt can lead to acidity. 2. Eatables with sour taste are known to increase the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, thereby leading to acidity. 3. Drinks that contain lot of acids are also contributing factors. 4. Pressure, tension and worries in mind can cause this problem. 5. Frequent coffee consumption, smoking and alcohol consumption can increase the production of hydrochloric acid as compared what is actually needed for the process of digestion. 6. Going to bed soon after food consumption and lack of physical activities can increase the production of this acid in the stomach. 7. Some medicines like pain killers and aspirin are known to increase acidity level in the body. 8. Any problems associated with the alimentary canal or the organs that are connected to the digestive system can also lead to an increase in the acidity level. How can Arozyme capsules help? As mentioned earlier, herbal remedies for acidity relief can be the ideal choice as against relying on some other medicines. This is what Arozyme capsules are all about. This is a pure natural product with effective herbal ingredients for curing acidity in an effective manner. Generally, herbal products become effective mainly because of their ingredients and here are the details about the ingredients present in Arozyme capsules: Asafoetida: This ingredient, which is generally added in Indian cuisine to enhance aroma is stated to provide great relief to acidity. Generally, for home remedies, it is recommended that people suffering with acidity or gastric trouble, can just dissolve some Asafoetida powder in warm water and can consume it for immediate relief. This is added as an important ingredient in herbal remedies for acidity relief to provide the right kind of relief. Haritaki: Scientifically called as terminalia chebula, this is a nervine tonic, astringent, laxative and rejuvenating tonic. It is recommended that it can be taken in powdered form on a daily basis to get relief from acidity. Due to this reason it is added in Arozyme capsules. In addition to these two ingredients, these capsules has other ingredients like mint, dikamali, sanay, ajwain, sonth and madhur kesar to provide the best acidity relief to sufferers. Read about Herbal Treatment For Acidity. Also know Stomach Acidity Treatment. Read about Herbal Remedy For Poor Digestion.