Top Rated Herbal Remedies For Kidney Stones


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Sep 20, 2012
Kidney stones are generally made up of compound called Calcium Oxalate and they are formed due to the accumulation of softened minerals present in the inner lining of the kidneys. While keeping up the crystalline and sharp structure, these stones can grow bigger to the size of a golf ball. When they are very small, they move away automatically through urine and become unnoticed. But, when they become bigger in size, they cause pain and too many other complications as well. Even, they can affect the path that the urine passes to leave the body. Reports stated that people with kidney stones are at the higher risk of developing chronic kidney diseases. This is why they are recommended to look for herbal remedies for kidney stones, rather than living with it. What are the causes of kidney stones? Lack of water content in the body is stated as the important contributor towards stones in kidney. Reports state that stones generally form in people, who consume less than the recommended 8 glasses of water per day. When there is no enough water in the body to dilute the uric acid that is present in the urine, the pH level within the kidneys will be dropped, thereby becoming more acidic. When there is higher level of acidic environment in the kidneys, the chances of stone formation will automatically become higher. In addition to this issue, some medical conditions like Dent’s disease, hyperparathyroidism and urinary tract infections can also contribute towards this problem. Some people consume water with fluoride content and these people have higher chances of affected by this problem. Symptoms of kidney stones: When people experience any of the following symptoms of kidney stones, it is recommended that they should go for herbal remedies: 1. Urge to urinate frequently 2. Blood in urine 3. Vomiting and nausea with continuous pain 4. Inability to find a comfortable position when sitting and when lying down 5. Waves of share pain that starts in the lower back and reaches the genital passage. Kid Clear capsules: People looking for safe herbal remedies for kidney stones can rely on Kid Clear capsules because of the following reasons: 1. These capsules are made out of effective herbal ingredients that are long being used for clearing stones in kidney without causing any side effects. 2. These multi-ingredient capsules have ingredients that can get together in effectively removing gallbladder stones as well and the pain caused by them. 3. The ingredients just break the stones into tiny pieces in such a way that they will be let out through the urine without causing any pain. 4. The diuretic properties of some ingredients increase the production of urine for removing infections in the urinary bladder and in the kidneys. 5. In addition to clearing out stones, they can ensure healthy functioning of kidneys by preventing the formation of stones in the future as well. People suffering with kidney stones can rely on these herbal remedies for kidney stones by taking them twice daily, one after breakfast and one after dinner for effective remedy. Read about the Best Way To Pass Kidney Stones. Also know Herbal Treatment For Kidney Stone. Read about Dissolve Kidney Stones Herbal Remedy.