Top Rated Herbal Remedies For Poor Memory Problem


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Aug 20, 2012
In many movies, we see people losing their memory after a blow in the head. Even though, this type of sudden memory loss is a rare occurrence, people tend to lose memory slowly as age advances and due to other reasons as well. Causes of poor memory or memory loss: The following are stated as contributing factors towards poor memory in people: 1. Medications taken for depression, pain, muscle relaxants and sleep inducers are known to create side effect of reducing the level of memory in people. 2. Regular consumption of alcohol, medicine and tobacco can also contribute. 3. Smoking can affect memory by bringing down the amount of oxygen taken to the brain. 4. Sleep deprivation can also contribute towards poor memory in people. 5. Stress and depression can bring down the memory level in people. 6. Nutritional deficiency like lack of protein and deficiency in vitamin B1 and B12 can cause memory loss. 7. Stroke. 8. Severe head injury. Rather than relying on unsafe methods to improve their memory, the best method people can follow is to rely on herbal remedies for poor memory. Those looking for such a solution can go for BrainOBrain capsules. These capsules are stated to be effective memory inducers mainly because of the following ingredients present: 1. Brahmi can be effective in curing Alzheimer’s disease, which is something related to memory loss. It can improve memory, bring down anxiety and cure ADHD, irritable bowel syndrome and allergic conditions. It is work as a general tonic to fight against stress. 2. Shankhpushpi is an herb used for centuries to improve nerve functions. When nerves function effectively they can take blood and oxygen to the brain, thereby making it active against memory loss. 3. Salabmisri is an effective herb in improving brain power and memory. Its restorative, demulcent, astringent, nutritive and expectorant properties can improve overall health in people. 4. Swarna Bhasma is also added as an ingredient in herbal remedies for poor memory and this is because it can boost immunity level and can play a major role towards improving memory and concentration. 5. Shatavari present in BrainOBrain capsules can play a major role towards improving the overall brain function, thereby improving memory. Not only these ingredients, there are many other herbal ingredients present in the effective herbal remedies for poor memory known as BrainOBrain capsules. Regardless of whether memory loss is caused due to age or other factors, the ingredients present in these capsules can effectively cure the underlying cause behind the condition, thereby providing the right kind of relief towards people suffering with poor memory. It can fight against physical and mental fatigue, thereby making people lead a healthier life. Recommendation: People suffering from poor memory can take one or two BrainOBrain capsules once or twice daily with milk or water. They can use this remedy for 3 to 4 months to get the right kind of relief from their memory issues. Read about Herbal Treatment For Poor Memory. Also know Increase Brain Power Herbal Pills. Read about Memory Supplements Improve Concentration.