Top Rated Herbal Remedies For Underweight Problem


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Aug 29, 2012
Any individual, who are 15 to 20% less than the normal weight according to his/her age and height is called as underweight. For instance, women between the age group of 25 to 50 years and are about 1.63 meters height, should weight approximately 59 kilograms, if they are less than 47 kilograms, they will be called as underweight women. When it comes to men between the above-mentioned age group with 1.76 meters height, a normal weight is 71 kilograms, but for those less than 57 kilograms will be called as underweight men. What causes underweight? The causes of underweight can be classified under different categories and here are some details in this regard: 1. Physical causes a. Cancer b. Hyperthyroidism c. Diabetes d. Tuberculosis e. HIV or Aids. 2. Psychological causes 3. Other factors a. Medications b. Excessive exercise c. Deficiency of enzymes d. Diseases like cystic fibroids and gluten allergy. How to get relief? People interested in getting out of their underweight issue can rely on top rated herbal remedies for underweight. FitOFat capsules are stated as the best herbal remedies that can play a major role towards helping men and women gain weight in an effective manner. How is this possible? FitOFat capsules are stated as the best herbal remedies for underweight due to the following ingredients that contribute towards its effectiveness: 1. Kapikacchu is an effective ingredient known for its aphrodisiac properties. It can strengthen the body and can help men and women to gain weight in an effective manner. 2. Vidarikand can be helpful in improving muscle strength and it can provide the body with the essential nutrients needed for gaining body mass. 3. Ashwagandha can play an important role towards curing several physical and mental issues, thereby helping people to gain weight. 4. Safed musli can be effective in protecting the body from age related weight loss. It can delay the process of aging. It will be helpful in maintaining the normal mechanism of the body and it can enhance the energy levels to a great extent. 5. Kesar can control excessive bleeding during menstrual cycle in women and it can improve blood circulation and can improve blood count as well. 6. Swarna bang can be effective in curing issues like piles and joint pains. When these pains are cured, people will automatically feel active and can gain weight. 7. Barahikhand can play a major role towards helping people to gain weight. 8. Jaiphal can be effective in improving the overall health and well being in men and women. It can enhance muscle strength thereby helping people to gain body mass in a natural manner. 9. Bhringraj can effectively cure mental health issues like stress and anxiety, thereby helping people to get out of the weight reduction caused due to these factors. There are many other ingredients in FitOFit capsules like malkangani, arlu, punarnva, sarpunka, sonth, long, jarool, chilkamakoy, talmakhana, pipal, amla, etc. All these ingredients make these capsules as the best herbal remedies for underweight. Read about Muscle And Weight Gainer Pills. Also know Best Weight Gainer Supplement. Read about Natural Weight Gain Pills.