Treatment Options for Nervous Patients


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Aug 22, 2012
A number of treatment options are offered for nervous patients who find it difficult to go to the dentist for treatments. The fear of going to the dentist makes it very challenging for phobic patients to even go for a routine dental checkup, which can lead to neglected oral health. Making anxious patients more relaxed and comfortable will make the whole dental treatment experience a more pleasant one, without fear and nervousness. Nervous patient care options are designed to make nervous patients get through the necessary dental treatments without worrying about an unpleasant, or uncomfortable, experience. These options will make the treatment much easier to go through, and will also help the dentist concentrate on the procedure without worrying too much about the patient’s well-being. Nervous Patient Care Options Oral Sedation – Oral sedation involves the administration of the sedative through the mouth. The sedative works in making the patient feel very relaxed and comfortable, in preparation for the dental treatment. Anxiety and fear will not be experienced by the patient during the procedure, with the help of the sedative. IV Sedation – The sedative is given to the patient through an IV line, which is attached to the crook of the arm or on the back of the hand. This sedation option works quickly to put the patient in a relaxed state, so the treatment can proceed without the patient experiencing nervousness of fear. Under IV sedation, the patient remains conscious to easily understand any requests from the dentist; however, any unpleasant parts of the procedure will be forgotten even after the sedative has worn off. Acupuncture – This is a traditional Chinese medicine practice which uses needles to stimulate pain relief, and to reduce anxiety. The needles are inserted in specified points of the body, helping the patient achieve a relaxed state of mind to make the dental treatment a more pleasant experience to go through. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – This nervous patient care option delves into understanding where a patient’s fears are coming from, and what influences these negative feelings. Coming to terms with the fears (and where they came from) will help patients in controlling how they interpret and deal with these negative feelings. General Anesthesia – General anesthesia can be used when other options are not enough to address a nervous patient’s fears. The mind will be put in a deep sleep state, while the whole body is rendered completely numb so that fear and pain will not be felt during the procedure. IS Dental Care Wanstead is the place to come for high-quality, affordable dental treatments. We offer treatments such as routine dentistry, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry (smile makeovers), teeth whitening, oral hygiene, root canal advanced oral surgery. If you are searching for a dental practice in Wanstead using the keywords, dentist Stratford or Leyton dentist, visit us at