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Sep 17, 2012
Trend Micro is an antivirus software program that is designed to protect the computer from a wide range of malware threats. This package is also suitable to be used on Macintosh computers. Trend Micro antivirus software has a cloud security feature that is outstanding, and this offers real time updates and protection. This software is able to minimize the usage of resources on the computer. This is done by running updates and scans and deals with the threats. This antivirus software has recently managed to get into the top software packages. This is due to it having a range of features that cannot be found on any other software package. There are a lot of high performance antivirus software packages. This is why it is important to take time to do some research before getting a program as the best one will vary depending on your requirements. This antivirus package has a vast number of tools and features that are very useful for protecting the computer. This will also work on social networking sites, which can be very useful. Some of the features on this software include anti-spyware, anti-Trojan, anti-malware, protection for outbound emails and on demand screening. Trend Micro is an average product in terms of computer security. The 2012 edition has undergone tests and has been approved by a number of the top testing labs. The antivirus test on this software has found that it works best on systems that have Windows 7 and XP. The advantages of Trend Micro software is that it protects you from phishing emails and websites which are set up by criminals that are trying to get access to your personal details. The 2012 edition of Trend Micro has a code footprint that is small but it powers the cloud. The Trend Micro software is very easy to use and it configures to your specific requirements. This security works using a traditional signature and real time protection in order to protect the computer from harmful threats. This includes new threats. There are some disadvantages of using Trend Micro and these include that it has some missing features that are actually rather important. The important features that are missing include gaming mode, laptop mode and a bootable CD for rescuing the system. Norton is a big name within the world of antivirus software. The software that is produced by this company contains a vast array of features and a lot of tools that are very useful. This software has a very good reputation and it has the ability to analyze a threat and determines how much risk is has for your computer. It is very easy to use this software; however, some people have reported having a problem when it comes to uninstalling the software. The Norton 2012  is packed full of features and these include firewall, antispam, anti-spyware and antivirus. The Norton security package also provides protection for Android mobiles. Norton is one of only a few security packages that provide protection for social media like a scanning feature that will check any links.

AVG vs Norton 2013
If you demand a top performer for your security, chances are you cannot do much better then AVG Anti-Virus. Like Norton it uses a hybrid system of database and cloud technology to block old and new threats. Also like Norton it understands the changes in the social climate and covers social networking based threats that many other systems overlook. Where Norton AntiVirus shines is in customer loyalty. Scope of Protection
AVG allows you to use the web for what you need to use it for with confidence that you are protected. It is a lightweight utility that kills threats to your computer with no unneeded frills or whistles. This is in line with the core package in Norton AntiVirus. Both offer protection against spyware, virus, and other threats. Both cover social networking, email, and IM content.
Effectiveness AVG is highly rated for protecting, repairing, and usability. It is in the top handful of products for overall value and function as a “best-performer” in the category. Norton is effective and works. It scores lower then AVG in independent testing.
Ease of Installation and Setup AVG has no reported issues with installation or setup. Norton is speedy to install and simple to set how you want it. The interface offers both simple and advanced options and easy access through a desktop widget.
Ease of Use AVG features a monitoring system that looks for idle time in which to scan the computer. Using intelligent scans, files already checked are bypassed. It does not intrude or mistake game play or movie watching for idle down time. Norton runs stealthily in the background and can be accessed anytime through the control center. Unlike other products, Norton covers all your devices with a cloud of protection, automatically going with you on your phone, tablet, or laptop as well as covering your PC.
Features AVG offers you: Surf and search with confidence Keep tough threats out Stay protected on social networks Download, share files and chat safely Support and assistance Play games and watch movies without interruption Scan smarter and faster digital gaming profile protection Link safety rating feature Norton offers you: Anti Virus Anti Spyware Bot Protection Norton Pulse Updates Anti Rootkit Network Mapping and Monitoring Norton Reputation Service SONAR 3 Behavior Protection Updates AVG has daily automatic updates to ensure the latest definitions are always active and providing protection. Norton’s Pulse-based updates run every 5 to 15 minutes ensuring full and complete protection all day, every day. Help Support
AVG has a user manual and in-program help library that links to online resources with a support center FAQ and knowledgebase, and email support. Premium users get one on one professional assistance with tough virus removal situations. Note that AVG lacks chat and phone support. Norton has 24/7 live chat, phone, and email customer support, as well as a one license covers all devices policy. Self help forums and in-program manuals are standard.