Turn Heads with Laser Hair Removal


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Oct 1, 2012
When it comes to hair removal, there are a number of options available to you that can best suit your needs. If you’re looking for an easy and short-term option, shaving is best; if you want something that lasts a bit longer, then you’ll have to look into waxing. There are a number of other options available today, including chemical creams and tweezing, but these methods can be painful and irritating. Shaving only lasts for a little while and can lead to things like ingrown hairs and razor burn, and waxing is a painful process that can turn messy quickly. But what else can you do, especially since swimsuit season is right around the corner? Did you know that you can turn to Scottsdale laser hair removal as a way to effectively and safely remove your unwanted hair anywhere on your body? Let’s take a look at this revolutionary procedure. What is it? Scottsdale laser hair removal utilizes the latest in pulse-laser technology to deliver a concentrated burst of energy at the hair follicle that inhibits growth over a period of time. Though several treatments are recommended in order to achieve maximum benefit, you can expect to have beautifully hair-free skin for upwards of 17 weeks depending on the area of your skin you have treated. You can have hair removed on your back, legs, chest, arms, neck, bikini line, and almost anywhere else on the body without the discomfort associated with waxing – and as an added bonus, your results will last twice as long! However, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to this procedure. Keep in Mind Scottsdale laser hair removal should be considered to be a process, and not everyone will see instant results after their first treatment. So, your technician might recommend that you consider undergoing multiple treatments depending on the specific end goal you have in mind. If you’re looking for complete hairlessness, plan on having at least a couple of treatments performed with adequate healing time in between each procedure. Though Scottsdale laser hair removal is not dangerous if administered correctly, it can lead to things like pigmentation of the skin if you do not take the proper precautions during your recovery period, including staying out of the sun during the first few days following your treatment. For this reason, many individuals recommend starting your treatments in the spring so that you can enjoy the most of your hairless skin by the summer for sure. Talk to a trusted technician today to see if Scottsdale laser hair removal is the right option for you this season! BodyNew is Arizona’s premiere source for the most elite cosmetic procedures available. Our Body Sculpting Center and MedSpa will leave you feeling satisfied with your results and experience. If you’re ready to experience BodyNew, learn about us and our cosmetic surgery procedures here! Share Bookmark on Delicious Recommend on Facebook Buzz it up Share on Linkedin Share via MySpace Share on Orkut share via Reddit Share on identica Share with Stumblers Share on technorati Tumblr it Tweet about it Print for later Bookmark in Browser