Twitter Announces New Advertising Model


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Sep 4, 2012
I just sent the below out to my team, for distribution to clients. We may not use a lot of Twitter here at my DR focused agency, but this may actually be a viable ad model…when Twitter figures out how much to charge. Digital Breaking News: Twitter Releases “@Earlybird” Advertiser Channel July 7, 2010 – Twitter today announced the release of a new advertising channel: the Early Bird Twitter feed. This Twitter account is owned and operated exclusively by Twitter, and will be used to promote deals and discounts which are exclusive to Twitter users. As of 2pm PST on July 7th, 2010, the @earlybird account on Twitter had over 16,000 followers, with approximately a thousand more following every hour. For Twitter, this gives the site a real means of advertising income, without having to deviate from their community culture. The plan for Twitter to begin offering sponsored tweets was first announced April 13th, 2010, at AdAge Digital, when the site founders, taking a cue from sponsored search, promised to only place sponsored tweets at the top of Twitter search result pages. However, the model was experimental, and still being tested to be sure the tweets “resonated” with the audience. Now, Twitter has a dedicated advertising feed, one where users are given incentive to join through deals and discounts. Since following @earlybird is entirely voluntary, Twitter is able to keep their users happy, and avoid any model which could be considered invasive advertising. For advertisers, this now provides a new opportunity to introduce their brand to new customers. Deals and discounts are proven incentives for users to sign up to receive advertiser offers. In a recent eMarketer study, 37% of users who “Liked” a brand on Facebook, did so because they were incentivized with coupons or exclusive discounts. Deal based sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial also command huge mailing lists of subscribers who receive daily offers via email. The promise of financial incentives has proven very attractive for the online audience, inciting thousands of people to sign up to receive regular communications featuring a variety of advertiser offers. The @earlybird stream on Twitter is very likely to command a similarly extensive following of highly responsive users. While Twitter has not been a significant part of Integrated Media Solutions campaigns to date, this new advertising opportunity may prove to be an option for clients in future. This will be a national advertising opportunity, with over 100,000 “followers”. Recommendations will be made based on pricing and campaign goals, in keeping with IMS’ practice of media portfolio management More information on Early Bird from Twitter can be found at: Jillian Tate
Director, Digital Strategy