Types of Bacterial Food Poisoning Cases


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Aug 24, 2012
Food poisoning cases are very common these days, especially during the winter holidays when people consume more meat and dairy products. In most cases it is not the victims themselves that were to blame for what happened, but food suppliers, retail stores, and restaurants. If you have ever been involved in such case or a family member of yours suffers food poisoning, you better search for negligence attorney and demand personal injury compensation by the person or group to be held responsible. Do not worry; if you have enough evidence, you are legally entitled to do so! There are several types of bacteria we can get infected with through various food and drinks. Today, we are going to focus on the main ones, so that you are prepared with a bit of information about your condition. This will help you act rightfully and quickly if you happen to get involved in such an unpleasant situation. Food that has not been stored, prepared, or cooked according to certain standards may contain the following type of bacteria: E.Coli – The Escherichia coli bacteria lives in the lower intestines of healthy mammals. This bacterium is transferred through vegetables and meat. If they are not washed or cooked properly you may suffer diarrhea, dizziness, or some other more serious symptoms. Botulism – It appears after a bacterium called Colostrum botulism produces a toxin named Botulism. Botulism cannot survive high temperatures, so when all food products that are infected with it are well cooked, it is harmless. Canned goods which are not stored properly, however often have this bacteria inside, so you better be extra cautious when consuming such products. Salmonella – It is not only commonly found in meat but in all egg products as well. Some of the products which may be infected with it are sushi, prawns and other seafood, mayonnaise, unpasteurized milk, etc. Salmonella can be only killed with heat, similar to the E.Coli bacteria. If you have cooked any seafood, meat, or egg products you better wash your hands thoroughly before proceeding to cook other food. This way you will not transfer the bacteria to all ingredients of your meal. This bacterium is one of the hardest one to get rid of and can have severe health consequences for all victims of its contamination. Each person’s body is different and so are the reactions of people to poisoning with these bacteria. If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with E-Coli, Botulism, or Salmonella poisoning and it was contracted due to someone Else’s negligence, call 855-WIN-THE-CASE (Automobile Accident Lawyer) and we will redirect you to an expert personal injury lawyer who has knowledge about poisoning and toxic torts. We are a claims management company you can trust anytime.