Underlying Reasons for misdiagnosis of diseases resulting in


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Aug 20, 2012
In this article, the potential reasons for diagnosis of the diseases and file the misdiagnosis negligence claims in the court are discussed for the guidance of the patients. Generally, when a patients go to doctor for treatment or diagnosis of certain disease and doctor fails to diagnose his disease, ignoring the particular symptoms of the disease or do not pay attention to the patients, then medical negligence is occurred. The doctor should get sufficient information regarding particular disease or ask from the patient his suffering and pain, if he fail to do so, then there will be negligence, which leads to the severity of the patient. Such behavior can become fundamental reason for growing the number of misdiagnosis negligence claims. If a patient visits many times for diagnosis of the disease and medical staff mix up his case with cases of other patients or results of medical tests are misplaced, then doctor can make mistake for diagnosing his disease. The patients think that doctor did not pay attention so they rush to the court for misdiagnosis negligence claims. Most of the time, these medical negligence claims are settled outside the court but if patients receive serious suffering then this misdiagnosis negligence claims become serious and the doctors or the hospitals will have to pay the compensation to the patient. It is also a potential reason to provide false information to the patient regarding his disease or dose can become reason of wrong diagnose of disease, which is also potential reason for the misdiagnosis negligence claims in the court. There are various diseases, which spread for the time being due to particular bacteria or germs, or due to viral infection, their vaccine may be not available with the hospital and patient can seek help for their financial or human loss in form of misdiagnosis negligence claims. To file the case of misdiagnosis negligence claims in the court, misdiagnosis of the disease is not sufficient. The patient will have to present other necessary proof in this regard. Sometimes the treatment provided to one patient can react on the physical condition of other patients. There are various medical and legal complexities in filing the misdiagnosis negligence claims, which make the case more complex and not easy to finalize. The lab conditions in various developing counties are also not good, which can affect the lab test and hinder to provide correct information about particular disease. These lab conditions can also become potential reason for misdiagnosis negligence claims. Various legal firms offer their services to the patients to prove their misdiagnosis negligence claims in court. These legal solicitors are adept in resolving the cases and lead the patients to seek guidance from the medical experts to file the misdiagnosis negligence claims and prove them in the court. Often, these legal firms work on the basis of ‘no win no fee’ and client feel easy to file misdiagnosis negligence claims with them in the court and get the compensation of their losses or pains.