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Aug 20, 2012
The main manufacturers in the UV coating category are Steinemann, Billhöfer, Sakurai, and SPS.  Steinemann UV coaters are made in Switzerland, Billhöfer in Germany, Sakurai in Japan and SPS are manufactured in Germany. The Steinemann machines are leaders in surface coaters with UV drying, the main models are Colibri 102, Steinemann Colibri 72 , the Steinemann Uvimat 86 and the Steinemann Uvimat 126. Steinemann also produce excellent spot/surface coating machines with UV drying which is the world renowned Steinemann Topspot 102. All these machines produce good quality work. The main Billhöfer coating machine is the Speed 76 surface coater with UV drying which has a maximum sheet size of 76 x 114cm, and is a fully equipped machine and again these Billhofer machines are running in many of the leading print finishing houses throughout the world. The Sakurai spot coating UV drying machine is probably the most popular used machine for the spot coating market for print finishers, models for example, Sakurai Maestro MS102AII, SC112A, SC72A and SC102A SPS Technoscreen GmbH are again one of the world’s leading suppliers of screen printing machinery manufactured in Germany. The upgraded version of the SPS Vitessa SL which is the stop cylinder press with vertical top frame lift to set the standard for high end industrial application. Vitessa XP2, Classic G2, SL are in the top range of screen cylinder machinery on the market in terms of accuracy, and also includes unique design features that has further shortened job changeover time. Sakurai and SPS are the two market leaders and manufacturers in the supply of new cylinder screen printing presses. “Global Graphic Equipment Pvt. Ltd. , is a leading UK supplier of quality Film Laminating Machinery and UV Coating Machinery Read for more information :- Uv Coating and Carton gluers “ Incoming search terms: optimization of folding cartons tips sakurai sc102a uv coater used