Want to sell your home? Go for home staging


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Sep 10, 2012
Home staging, is quite important if you wish to sell your home earlier and at higher rate. It is a common saying that the first impression is quite important and this applies to real estate as well. When a buyer comes to see a house, he makes 40% of his mind at first glance only. Thus, it becomes quite important for you to present your home in an appealing manner to make an impressive first impression on the buyer. And this is what home staging is all about. From the viewpoint of selling, a home’s curb appeal is of utmost importance. First impression is actually very crucial; make sure you clean the exteriors quite well. Clean all the gutters and give special attention to the path leading to the main door. For this, spending a few bucks on plants is a pretty good idea. One thing which you should remember is that things scattered all over your home can give a negative feel to the buyer, thus keeping him away from your place. Try to show the space and not your personal things to the buyer. Remove your personal things so that buyer can see the actual space and functionality of all the rooms. This will give him a chance to imagine the way he can put his furniture in the rooms. If there are any perceptible defects, then try to get them repaired as soon as possible, as these can decrease the price of your property. What you should understand is that your main motive is to make an impact on the buyer. Thus it becomes quite important to hide all the negative aspects of the home. If there are any defects in the doors or windows, then try to get them repaired or replaced. Open the windows and blinds so that natural light can come in and make your house appear more bright and airy. This is an important criterion for selection of a house for many buyers. Removing extra furniture can also make your house look bigger. You should also understand that home staging is not only about cleaning the house. Basically it means to make your home look attractive and for this you can even add some accessories. Using accessories that complement each other can really complete the look of your house. While arranging furniture, make sure it looks that every room has a specific purpose. This will help you get some extra bucks from the buyer. A number of people think that staging is an intimidating process, but once you have a clear picture in your mind and you know from where to start and what to do, then you can easily do this. Done properly and in a thoughtful way, it can surely help you get the maximum returns and will also help you sell your home easier and quicker, as compared to the other properties in the area.  So start thinking about some ideas as how you can make your home look as a model home and these home staging ideas will definitely help you sell your home in no time. For complete detail on Sunny Enclave or for information related to Property Dealers Mohali contact us