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Aug 20, 2012
A DVD is a disc that stores large amounts of audio-visual data that can be played on a dvd player or a DVD-ROM of a personal computer. Thanks to the DVDs, people can now watch movies from the comfort of their homes. A DVD includes a lot of video file formats like .avi, .divx, .mpg, .wmv, .vob, .3gp etc. Some of these file extensions are compatible to be played on almost all devices. Some of these are, however, meant for specific devices. For instance, the .mpg file can be played on almost all devices, while the .3gp file is meant to be played only on smartphones. Yet, none of them will be compatible with the latest device in the market, the iPod, iPhone or iPod. This is where the DVD to iTunes Converter comes into play. Apple products have an exclusive media player in all their devices called iTunes. It is a media library application developed by Apple Inc. and is used to play, download, and organize digital audio and video data on all apple devices. In 2003, Apple also came out with the Windows version of iTunes. This ensures that you can watch movies on your iPhone, your personal computer, your iPad or even certain models of the iPods. But there’s just one little hitch, iTunes does not support any of the above mentioned file extensions. This doesn’t mean that the devices are completely redundant. In this era of technological advancements, it is not very difficult to find a converter. On the internet, you will come across a number of websites offering DVD to iTunes Converter. Many websites even give out a free download version. The DVD to iTunes Converter helps you rip DVD to iTunes for playback or syncing to your pc or any of your devices. You can create playlists, enjoy music and watch videos on the appliance you own. Some of these also come with additional features like video and audio editing. You can even convert DVD to iTunes 11 with the assistance of some of these software. When downloading this software off the internet, make sure to read its reviews to make sure that it is legit. You do not want to end up facing trouble when you simply wanted to import DVD into iTunes mac. Be it free or paid, it is very important to well research the software before downloading. Also, make sure that you download it from a reputed website. The next question that would bother you is, ‘How to convert DVD to iTunes?’ In other words, are these software easy to use? You need to follow the instructions mentioned on the Internet. The steps are as simple as inserting the DVD, importing the file in the software, selecting the output profile and clicking convert. Now, your file is ready and can be played in iTunes on any of your gadgets. There are versions available especially for mac. The DVD to iTunes Converter for Mac assists you convert DVD to iTunes and many other media players for playback or sync on any of the Mac products. Resources:
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