Weight Loss Doing it the Healthy Way


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Aug 21, 2012
People who struggle to keep their weight in check are often advised of taking drastic steps to lose weight quickly. Starving yourself for a long time, indulging in heavy duty exercises, running miles at stretch – these are some of the tips that are offered to people to help them in losing weight. However, in the midst of the cacophony of all these ‘new’ and ‘exciting’ ways of losing weight, you should make an attempt to selectively hear the right advice – a sudden, punishing change can be harmful for the body. Our bodies are designed in such a manner that it adapts to the changes in its immediate environment. This is the reason why you might feel uncomfortable for a few days while moving from a temperate to a tropical climate, but over the period of a couple of days, your body makes the required ‘adjustments’. This is true for weight loss, or for that matter, weight gain as well. Our body does not gain weight overnight; I mean, a weekend in Las Vegas might give you a beer belly or something, but you wouldn’t accumulate so much weight that people fail to recognize you! In the same way, losing weight should be a steady process. All the programs that promise to make you lose weight quickly might or might not be successful in doing so, but the essential question to ask is – What after that? Would you be able to maintain a healthy weight afterwards? Weight loss is a steady process, and you should embark on it with the sole aim of staying fit and healthy. The important point is to bring lifestyle changes, one at a time, so that your body gets enough time to adjust to the changes. In the following paragraphs, we will take a look at the healthy ways of losing weight. Be Realistic about Weight Loss One of the first things that you can do before you start off with any weight loss program is to have a realistic expectation of what you want to achieve. Everyone’s body type is different, as a result of which, you might need a tailor-made plan to lose weight in a healthy way. Talk to a certified dietitian or nutritionist to know which exercises and diets will aid the process of weight loss in your case. Start with Mild Exercises If you haven’t exercised for years, hitting the gym with a vengeance might end up causing injuries to you. Start off with a jog in the park, and gradually shift to weight exercises. Taking the help of a personal trainer might be beneficial as he/she will create a workout plan for your specific needs. Cut Down on Excess Calories Gradually Many weight loss programs insist on going without food for a couple of days or more. However, you should remember the indubitable fact that our body needs energy to carry out essential functions, and the energy is derived from food. The deposition of excess fats in the body occurs when we intake far more calories than we actually need. Sedentary lifestyle contributes to weight loss as the excess fat keeps on accumulating in the body. The best way to lose weight is to cut down your calorie intake gradually, so that your body is able to adapt to the changes. Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle You might have come across a situation wherein you offered a pancake or a burger to one of your friends, only to hear them say, “No sorry, I am on a diet.” What they try to convey is that they are avoiding high-calorie food products because they are in the process of losing weight. Avoiding fatty food items is great, but sticking to the diet even after you have achieved your goal of losing weight is more important. Adopting a healthy lifestyle will not only help you in keeping your weight in check, but it will also work wonders for your overall physical and mental health. These were some tips on losing weight. While there is a plethora of weight loss programs in the market, the important point is to choose one which focuses not only on weight management, but also on your overall health. I am Grace and I am here to post some really cool stuff, professionally I am a writer specialized in health writing and working for Foods4BetterHealth You can find me on Twitter