What are Issues caused by Missing Teeth?


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Aug 20, 2012
A person who has lost several or all teeth will experience numerous problems. Regardless of the number of teeth involved, these problems will affect the appearance and function of the teeth; in most cases, even the patient’s social life is negatively affected by tooth loss. Looking for solutions to tooth loss – such as dental implants- is very important in ensuring that the problems are not experienced for a long time, and in preventing further complications that can be difficult to treat if left unattended. One of the biggest problems caused by missing teeth is the way the appearance is affected. Even if only one tooth is lost, the entire smile suffers with the presence of an unsightly gap in the smile. The loss of a few teeth results in a bigger space that looks very unattractive in a smile. Losing all of the teeth causes a dramatic change in how a person looks like, causing a toothless person to become significantly older-looking. When all teeth are lost, the mouth area takes on a shriveled and sunken appearance that makes for a very unattractive smile. Function is another aspect of the smile that is affected with missing teeth problems. Eating will be difficult to manage with the loss of several or all teeth, and meal times can be painful episodes because the gums are subjected to the unwanted task of cutting and chewing on food items. Speaking clearly can also be challenging to do when a few or all teeth are lost. This difficulty in speaking can result to frustration on the part of the patient, because other people might not readily understand the words coming out of a toothless person’s mouth. Bone deterioration is a problem faced by people who lose natural teeth. The natural tooth roots are lost along with the lost teeth. These roots are the ones responsible for stimulating the jawbone so its healthy structure is maintained. The loss of tooth roots causes the jawbone to deteriorate slowly over time, and causes the bone to become thinner until such time that the change negatively affects the appearance as well. A person with missing teeth will suffer from the loss of confidence. Those who have missing teeth will find themselves trying to hide their smiles because of the toothless condition, and may even seek ways to avoid other people because of embarrassment. Smiling, conversing and mingling with others can be embarrassing experiences when faced with a few or all teeth missing. Dental Implant Group in Victoria, Central London, UK provides dental implants and cosmetic dental treatments. Our dental implant professionals are trained to the high international standards. Here, you will be greeted by friendly, courteous and professional staff. Visit our website at Dentalimplantgroup.co.uk today to book your complimentary dental implant consultation.