What Are the Advantages of Practicing Bikram Yoga?


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Aug 21, 2012
Bikram yoga gets its name from its creator Bikram Choudhury. This form of yoga has been synthesized from a traditional form of yoga called Hatha Yoga. We will not teach you how to perform Bikram yoga as that’s a job that should always be performed by naples yoga experts. Instead, we will be informing you about the most prominent benefits of practicing this form. Promote weight loss: Individuals looking to lose their bodyweight will find Bikram yoga extremely useful. Performing different postures of this yoga form will improve the functioning of your digestive system and will also boost your metabolism. These effects of Bikram yoga in turn will normalize your appetite; you will not have unhealthy cravings as frequently as you used to have earlier. Within a few weeks you will start experiencing decrease in the percentage of fat in your body; gradually all the fat stored in your body will start turning into lean muscles. You muscles strength and tone will also increase significantly. Statistics suggest that a single session (90 minutes) of Bikram yoga can help a person to burn 500-1000 calories, which makes it a great weight loss tool. Offer relief from arthritis: Attending a few Bikram yoga sessions will help you to get rid of the most debilitating symptoms of arthritis. Bikram yoga is a perfect combination of application of heat and twisting, extending, moving and compressing of different joints in our body. These things work great on the ailing arthritic joints. However, you should practice the yoga form regularly under the supervision of a yoga Naples expert for persistent relief. Controls blood pressure: If you learn performing Bikram yoga from a reputable yoga Naples FL expert, you will be successful in keeping your blood pressure under control without taking any medications. However, for best results you must practice the yoga form regularly. You should not forget to consult a doctor before attending your first Bikram yoga class. Additionally, during the first few sessions of Bikram yoga you should not try pushing too hard. After practicing for a week, you will automatically start feeling more comfortable. However, after the first week, your blood pressure might increase a bit. Don’t worry; it is just a temporary increase and the pressure will start getting normal from the very beginning of the second week. When performing Bikram yoga for normalizing your blood pressure levels, you must get your BP checked on every alternate day. Author bio: The author of this write up has learnt performing Bikram Yoga from a top Naples yoga school. Practicing this yoga form under the supervision of yoga Naples expert has made him much healthier than ever before.