What is involved in a Smile Makeover?


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Sep 14, 2012
A smile makeover is composed of two or more cosmetic dentistry procedures with the aim of improving all the aspects of a smile. There are times when a single cosmetic dentistry treatment is not enough to solve the issues that make a smile look unattractive; in these cases, a smile makeover is needed to improve the overall appearance of a smile. Prior to the smile makeover, a thorough assessment is done to determine which smile issues need to be resolved and improved on. The cosmetic dentistry treatments that need to be included in the smile makeover are used in the formulation of a treatment plan to give a patient a beautiful, healthy-looking smile. These are the cosmetic dentistry treatments included in a smile makeover: Teeth Whitening – Teeth stains and discolourations instantly make a smile look unattractive. The removal of these discolourations on the surface of the teeth is done with a teeth whitening procedure, bringing back the whiteness and brightness of healthy-looking teeth. Orthodontics – Crooked teeth negatively affect both the form and function of a smile. Orthodontic treatments work by moving the teeth into better alignment, making the smile look more even, and making it easier to maintain good oral health. Invisible braces are now used as adult orthodontic treatment options for discreet teeth straightening without the obvious metal parts. Dental Implants – Implants replace the form and function of lost teeth. They can be used to secure loose dentures, or can be attached to other teeth restorations (such as a dental crown or a dental bridge) to restore a healthy smile. Veneers – These customised porcelain shells provide quick smile improvements, and are placed on the front surface of teeth to solve dental problems such as: broken or chipped teeth, decayed teeth, spaces, or gaps between teeth, and teeth discolourations/stains. Dental Crown or Dental Bridge – A dental crown is used to cover a tooth that has been decayed, chipped, or broken, restoring the affected tooth’s form and function. The crown can also be attached to a dental implant to replace a missing tooth. A dental bridge works on closing the gap left by the loss of several natural teeth. Laser Gum Treatments – A gummy smile is a problem that results when more of the gum structure is seen when a person smiles, making the teeth look unnaturally small. A laser gum treatment is used to improve the contour and shape of the gums so that more of the teeth structure will be visible when one smiles. Ealing Smiles Dental Practice has been providing high quality dentistry for more than 18 years. Whether it’s a simple filling, toothache, gum problems, cosmetic dentistry or dental implants for missing teeth, we can help you. If you are looking for dedicated, professional and caring dentists using the keywords dentist Ealing or Ealing dentist, visit our clinic.