What is medical negligence and what are the main causes whic


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Sep 27, 2012
This article answers two important questions related to medical negligence- ‘what is medical negligence’ and ‘what are the main causes of medical negligence’. Medical Negligence occurs when a patient has to suffer owning to breach of duty or a mistake committed by a medical professional. In case of medical negligence, action can be taken against the professional or the hospital/clinic. Here are a few important things you must know about Medical Negligence. Medical Negligence is when a medical professional, be it a doctor, a pharmacist, a therapist, a nurse or anyone else who provides medical aid, fails to carry out the expected medical duties  owing to negligence. The patient who is a victim of Medical Negligence suffers from loss, injury or harm. The medical aid provider is unable to act according to the accepted standard of care. Medical Negligence takes place only when it is evident that the harm or injury caused is a direct result of carelessness or breach of duty. Medical Negligence can be a result of a number of causes. Here are a few common causes which may lead to negligence. It is the duty of a medical practitioner to inform the patient about all the risks involved in the treatment beforehand. If the patient has to suffer due to some risk about which he/ she was not informed before the treatment began, it can be considered as a case of medical negligence. It is important that the doctor gets the consent before he begins an operation or treatment. Failure to get the consent of the patient or the family can be considered as medical negligence. Carelessness during surgeries may cause a lot of problems for the patient. If the surgeon is unable to take enough care during the operation or the surgery, the patient may suffer from disfigurement or injury. This is also considered as Medical Negligence. Generally, Medical negligence claims can be divided into two categories, namely general liability and medical professional liability if the patient has suffered harm due to hazards present within the environment and not due to the actions of a medical professional, the occurrence will come under general liability claim. In this case, the practice in general is held responsible for the negligence instead of a specific medical service provider. If the negligence takes place within the patient care, the case will come under medical professional liability claim. In this case, a specific service provider is held responsible. If the medical practitioner feels that he not qualified to handle a certain case and the patient must see a specialist instead, he must refer the patient to a consultant or specialist immediately. A delay in such cases may make the condition more complicated or critical. If the practitioner is unable to refer the patient to a specialist on time, it is a case of medical negligence. Another common cause of medical negligence is the failure or delay in diagnosing the medical problems from which the patient suffers.