What Makes Cisco Equipment A Class Apart?


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Sep 12, 2012
A network infrastructure includes hardware items namely wiring, fiber optics and wireless signals. If you run a business and are setting up a network, then you know the importance of security devices positioned within the network to help to secure transport and rule out the chances of malicious behavior. That is why network hardware also includes firewalls, IPS- intrusion prevention systems and access control systems, routers, switches and server/site load balancing equipment.
So, if you venture in to the market for reliable hardware, then a little research will lead you to a single brand emerging as the market and industry leader- Cisco. Cisco is one of the leading network hardware vendors of the day. Getting brand new Cisco equipment is often not cost effective as the hardware and support contracts have very high price quotes. That is the reason why there is a flourishing market of used Cisco products. The internet has emerged as a huge source of finding used and refurbished Cisco equipment. Even the big players in the industry don’t shy away from used equipment, as it can include extended warranties in case of failure.
Buy Cisco Equipment for your lab:
If you run a research lab as a part of your business, or are a network engineer, then you must buy Cisco equipment for your lab. Simply obtaining certifications such as the Cisco CCNA, CCNP or CCIE are not enough. What you need is a hands on experience on these equipment. Buying refurbished equipment for a lab is a really smart decision. For a lab environment, used equipment can not only serve its purpose, but can also be cost effective.
Buy Used Cisco equipment for no high-availability work requirements:
If your enterprise has a huge network with remote sites that are not of any importance to your business, then you can buy used Cisco network infrastructure to implement in the remote sites. Just buy some spare used equipment that can act as a buffer in the case of any network equipment failure. All you would need to do is just swap the hardware with the used and refurbished equipment you have bought.
Buy used Cisco equipment instead of purchaing off-the-shelf network equipment:
If you are on a limited budget, then buy Cisco instead of any other brand as Cisco will outlast any consumer-grade network equipment. Cisco hardware is known for its high quality and durability. That is why it is the only trusted name, people want to put their money on, in the case of network equipment.
When you have chosen to buy used Cisco equipment, make sure to get it from a hardware supplier you can trust and has a reputation of providing high quality refurbished equipment. Save your money, lots of it, by buying Cisco equipment from a trusted source. Choose a dealer offering competitive pricing, customer service, value and quality. Give your network infrastructure the complete support with excellent equipment, and Cisco is the name that you can rely on for strong –reliable and secure networks.
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