What to expect from a dental visit


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Aug 30, 2012
Not everyone is familiar with a dental visit, especially those who are visiting for the first time. Usually the sight of a dental treatment pain and the medical devices revolves in our mind. If you are nervous about the visit to a dentist, it is important that do a little background check on the experience of the dentist. Schedule a check-up with a reputed dentist in the city. If you are unaware of the procedures and treatments that you have to undergo during a dental checkup, below are the quick points to acquaint you with what you can expect from a dental visit. Cleaning and general check up: When you visit a dentist, the first thing a dental doctor would do is to do a thorough clean up of your mouth. The cleaning is done using dental equipments, liquid agents to remove plaque and tartar that are the main reasons of bad breath, cavities and gum diseases. The dentist may also polish and floss your teeth, if required. The objective is to evaluate your oral hygiene here. A thorough examination: A good dentist will perform an overall examination of your face, neck and  mouth to look for any signs of disease like neck or oral cancer or other abnormalities. An overall assessment of your mouth will help the dentist identify any underlying problem that is affecting your oral health and treat them as soon as possible. X-rays: X-Rays might be the next step in the process only if the dentist wants to support the diagnosis. The X-Rays will help the dentist in diagnosing any problem that might go unnoticed during physical examination. A X-Ray would  help in determining problems like cysts, impacted teeths, injury or damage in jawbones, tumour or decay between the teeth. Recommendations: After finishing the above procedures, the dentist will recommend you treatments depending on the diagnosis made. He might want you to go through some further tests and may recommend you to any other specialist like periodontist or orthodontist. A regular treatment and punctuality in your visits is advised to treat your condition properly. Be at ease, when you visit a dentist. A dentist knows your fears well. He will keep you at a comfortable level all the time during the treatment. You just got to sit back and cooperate with him. To know more about your dental related problems, ask a question from trusted dentist in Delhi, NCR or anywhere else in the country, please visit our website: https://www.lybrate.com/