What to Look for in a Computer Radiation Shield


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Aug 25, 2012
Computer radiation is something people are asking a lot of questions about these days. There are articles in the news showing some of the risks of not using laptop computers properly and about the safety of laptop computers. While many experts are asking for better shielding for computers and radiation emmission limits to be placed, currently one way people can help mitigate their own risk is by using a computer radiation shield. What is a computer radiation shield? Designed mainly for use with tablet and laptop computers, computer radiation shields act as a barrier between the user and the computer, blocking out any harmful radiation that could be transmitted. There are dozens of brands and styles out there, from a laptop pad to monitor shields and even a magnetic foil sheet DIY enthusiasts can use to create their own custom shields. There are even keyboard shields. For people interested in purchasing a radiation shield, there are features that your should look for that gives you the right protection. You want to make sure you are buying something that actually protect you. What a good radiation shield should protect against There are three types of radiation that computers emit: extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagentic radiation (EMR) , radio frequency (RF) EMR, and heat. When buying a computer radiation shield, consumers need to find one that not only will protect against these types of radiation but will also allow ease of movement and are portible. If you do not have all these features, you are not fully shielded and the money spent is not worth it. Both ELF and RF radiation are currently being studied and exposures are known to be health concerns to the human body. Shielding one while not shielding another would only give the user half their desired protection. The same goes for heat. Too much heat can cause damage to the skin if not allowed to easely flow. This means that the shield you select has to not only protect the user from heat but be open enough not ot trap heat in, causing the computer to overheat. Any finally,  it does not matter how well protected against all these emissions, if  your shield is very awkward and  hard to use. Like any product on the market, buying a computer radiation shield should involve  some investigation to insure that you purchasing the right product. Making sure that it protects the user against all three types of radiation, that it allows heat to easely flow (prevent the computer from overheating), and that it not awkard and hard to use. There are dozens of kinds of computer shields out there, from DIY magnetic foils to desktop computer shielding cages, whichever the consumer chooses it is crucial that it meets all three standards. The DefenderPad laptop shield defends you against the harmful computer radiation.  Check out it out today. To know about the negative effects of computer radiation, you may also visit About.com.