Where to get information about Bailiff’s rights?


Aug 31, 2012
When you do not pay your Council Tax bill, court fine or parking fine and you ignore even the reminders for the same, what will happen? A bailiff will visit your home to take action against you because you are in council tax arrears and other things in arrears. There is no doubt that it is actually a bitter experience to see a bailiff at your door. When you do not know your rights at such times it really becomes more bitter and tense experience. First of all you have to find answer for a big question. Can bailiffs force entry into your house? Yes, that is the vital matter. The answer is no. If it is the first time that a bailiff comes to your house, he has to enter your house only through the open door or window. This is considered as if you permit him into your house. So, if you have information about the visit of a bailiff is going to come to your house, it is in your interest that you see that the doors and windows are kept locked all the times so that nobody could enter freely into the house. You should keep locked the garage also. The bailiff will try to enter into your house by some threat or other ways like asking you to permit him to use your phone or toilet. Once you permit him like that he will be in an advantageous position. He will prepare a list of your belongings and obtain your signature on it which is termed as Walking Possession Agreement. As per the signed agreement, you should not hide or sell any of these things as the listed things become the property of the court. If you do not pay the debt after this thing happens, the bailiff has the right to come back again and take possession of the listed properties. These happenings can be avoided by not allowing the bailiff into the house. In order to avoid all such happenings, you should not let him in by keeping the doors closed. You should politely ask the bailiff to show his official ID proof and a copy of the warrant by way of talking with him through the letter box or from upstairs window. Here, you will definitely like to know bailiff definition. Bailiff is an official employed by a British sheriff to perform certain legal actions like serving writs and making arrests and executions.