Which Herbal Supplements Are More Effective In Controlling H


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Aug 30, 2012
High blood pressure is a condition that is denoted as ‘the silent killer’. The reason is that it does not actually cause any symptoms for many years. Also, in some cases, people get to know that they have hypertension only after one of the vital organs has got damaged due to this high pressure in the blood. Reports state that more and more Americans these days are getting this health issue and it is also found that the number of patients with this condition is increasing all around the world as well. Women might be surprised to know that being heavy will play an important role in attracting this disease. Even though, different medicines are claiming to treat this condition, it is highly important that natural remedy for this condition should be taken to make sure that the right cure in a safe manner can be obtained. Causes to be identified: Before actually getting into the details about herbal supplements effective in controlling hypertension, the patients are recommended to get an understanding about the different causes behind this health issue and here are some of them to know: 1. Smoking
2. Obesity
3. Inappropriate and poor diet
4. Lack of adequate fresh fruits and vegetables in diet
5. Inadequate exercises
6. Reduction in the quality of sleep
7. Genetics
8. Stress. How do herbal remedies help to address these causes? As mentioned earlier, patients should be careful about the selection of the safe herbal supplements effective in controlling hypertension. One such remedy with effective ingredients is Stresx capsule. They can just take this remedy for 3 to 4 months continuously and can lead the rest of their life without any medications for high blood pressure. The reason is that the herbs can work effectively on a long-term basis to keep high BP at bay. Here is how Stresx capsules help: 1. Generally, people taking herbal supplements effective in controlling hypertension are recommended to quit smoking. The effective ingredient called as Vacha present in these capsules will help patients to get out of the habits of smoking and it will also reduce the ill-effects on the body due to this habit as well. 2. The second cause is excess weight and here the herbal ingredient called as cinnamomum cassia or Tuj will help by boosting the rate of metabolism in the body. It is known to have impressive benefits of blood sugar level as well. 3. When, it comes to diet, when the digestive system works properly, the patients will get the right level of appetite and when foods are taken in the right quantity in an healthy combination of all 6 tastes, blood pressure level can be kept under control. Like these herbs, there are many other herbs in these herbal supplements effective in controlling hypertension for addressing other causes like inadequate sleep and stress. Read about Hypertension Herbal Treatment. Also know Herbal Treatment For High Blood Pressure. Read about High Blood Pressure Herbal Treatment.