Who Can Have Dental Implants


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Aug 20, 2012
Dental implants solve missing teeth problems. The artificial tooth roots are attached to teeth replacements to restore the good health and appearance of the smile. As they are embedded into the jawbone, the implants take on stimulating the bone tissue to prevent jawbone thinning. An implant treatment will benefit anyone who has lost natural teeth, provided there is enough jawbone structure to secure the implants in place. However, a patient whose jawbone has thinned may still be able to enjoy the advantages of dental implants with the help of bone grafts that improve the structure of the jawbone prior to implant placement. Replacing missing teeth with implants soon after the tooth loss is important, before jawbone thinning can set in. Waiting for a longer period between the loss of natural teeth and the implant treatment can increase the risk of the jawbone deterioration, which can cause even more problems for the patient. The implants become artificial tooth roots that continue to stimulate the jawbone to maintain its healthy structure. The titanium tooth roots are attached to dental crowns or a fixed bridge to complete the smile again, after tooth loss. Implants are ideal solutions to denture problems. Those who wear removable dentures for a long period have to endure the pain and embarrassment of having loose dentures. Long-term tooth loss causes the jawbone to become thinner, so the once tight fit of the dentures against the gums (and jaw) will become loose with the passage of time. Mini implants are often used to secure dentures or a fixed bridge in place. The implants are placed in strategic locations in the jaw to maximise the existing bone structure, without the need for complex bone grafts. The implants will hold the teeth restoration in place, ending the embarrassing and painful use of ill-fitting dentures. A dental implant treatment can also benefit those who have suffered from tooth loss due to accidents, or sports injuries. Other factors such as health defects or severe gum disease can lead to the loss of natural teeth; these problems can be solved with the help of dental implants. Depending on the number of teeth lost and the nature of the tooth loss problem, an implant treatment will be done to restore the proper appearance and function of the smile. An implant can be attached to a crown to replace a single lost tooth, while a bridge will provide a better solution for multiple tooth loss. Dental Implants Group in Victoria, Central London, UK provides dental implants and cosmetic dental treatments. Implant treatments at Dental Implant Group, London are done by professionals who are trained to the high international standards. If you are searching for professional dentists using the keywords dental implants in London or dental implant London, visit our clinic today.