Why Academic writing is still growing


Jun 7, 2013
A generation ago, students used to do all their work by themselves, sometimes under the supervision of their parents or teachers. So, what went wrong now that almost 70 percent of all students seek academic help at one point in their academic life? To answer this question elaborately, we should consider all aspects of life, especially those that affect academic life. About three decades ago, students were students, but this no longer the case. Nowadays students can also be government employees, parents, business owners, national team players, etc.This is where academic writing comes. A number of individuals and companies have come up with formula that are meant to help students achieve their ultimate goals with much less pain. The help comes at a fee. The lingering question at this point is whether the academic help is worth the cost and time. The answer here can be either yes or no. This strongly depends with the individual or company that you pick to help you do you academic work. Honestly, there are thousands of options, and getting the wrong guy for your task is highly probable. So, what can you do? You can either decide to do you papers; however painful it maybe or decide to give it to someone else. If you pick the second option, I’d advice you to be really careful while selecting your writer(s)…not everyone does what they say they can do! Leave enough time, before the real deadline. Whenever you give someone your academic assignments always leave enough time; this way you will be safe in case your writer decides to play ‘hide and seek’ with your paper. Being careful is not a remedy, but don’t risk where others have failed: always research your writers or companies before you submit your assignments and PAY. Always keep this mind: Every option is risky, take the least risky option Mark
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