Why Use Chili Powder in your Spicy Indian Dishes


Aug 29, 2012
Just like Indians love their spices, all other countries should also love theirs. Indians have for many years made it known to the world how ready they are to feed themselves right and also eat good food. This is why there is the need for all indigenes of the various cities and cultures in the country to promote these spices all over the world. Some Indian spices and herbs like cinnamon, chilli powder, and others have reached high levels of repute in some countries. With the various blends of these spices, so many mouth watering delicacies like chicken masala and others are made. Although there are so many meals in India, not all of them need so many spices. This is why it is very necessary for the love of these spices to be there. Out of chili pepper, the powder form is made which means, they can be used in all meals. Having a Plate of Food made with Chili Pepper or Powder If you are visiting India for the very first time but are an Indian by birth or if you have been away from India for so long but are back now, there is no place better than this country to eat real and authentic meals from childhood. There are so many restaurants all over the world with some Indian recipes in their menu. Understanding what you Gain from Chili Powder With chilies gaining immense popularity all over the world, there is always a food manufacturer that tries to add some chilli powder into the meals he or she makes. There is more flavor and sweetness that chili pepper adds to a meal and this is why from India, this pepper has moved to all parts of the world and is loved by millions of people. The first reason why many Indians and individuals all over the world love chili pepper is due to the fact that, it can last for long hours and days without getting spoilt. However; to have the fresh taste of this pepper, you need to use it as soon as it is picked from their plants. A credible food manufacturer will tell you, the fresher chili pepper is, the better it tastes with food. Although there are other types of chili pepper on the marker the red chili pepper is considered one of the best and is sweeter as compared to green chili. Day in and out, many chili pepper lovers are finding new ways on how they can blend their meals with chili powder. However; chili powder will never give you the full taste that real chili will give you. So, it is your choice to make because in a whole, chili pepper is sweet and adds flavor to food no matter its looks. This Indian Cook recommends the use of chilli powder in our various meals and can give you a food manufacturer brand that has the best powdered chili pepper.