Why You Should Visit Your Scary Dentist


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Aug 31, 2012
Not a lot of people enjoy the experience of visiting a dentist. After all, who likes to have someone stick sharp tools in their mouth in order to scrap a few scraps here and there? No matter how scared you are of your dentist, you must visit one on a regular basis. An ideal frequency would be to visit one at least once a year. There are several things a dentist can do for you that you can’t do on your own. Here are several reasons why you be a man and visit your dentist. #1 Plaque and tartar
Unless you are crazy clean with your teeth, you are bound to have some layer of tartar or plaque on your teeth surface. There are several home remedies that can clear these substances out, but none of them will ever be as effective as a professional dentist treatment. There are good reasons to get rid of plaque and tartar quickly. First, they give your teeth a yellow color. People don’t generally get a good impression of someone with teeth that are very yellow. Second, plaque and tartar promote bacterial growth. It allows them to thrive in an ideal environment. Using specialized tools and medications, a dentist can clear those bad substances out of your mouth quickly and efficiently. #2 Teeth Whitening
Again, you haven’t maintained proper dental habits. Therefore, your teeth have a tint of yellow on them. Unfortunately, there is an event that you have to attend soon that will require a lot of photo taking. It won’t be easy to smile while trying to hide your yellow teeth. Let the dentist fix that problem. A dentist can apply professional teeth whitening treatments on your yellow teeth so they appear pearly white. For example, they will use teeth bleaching products that contain a higher level of peroxide. They may also provide fluoride treatment in order to strengthen your teeth enamel. The list of things they can do for you is endless. #3 Cavities
Like plaque, cavities are bad for your teeth. Once fissures and holes form in your teeth, cavities will start to build up. Cavity starts off with a process called demineralization. Layers of teeth tissues start to break apart as bacteria and germs eat their way through. In the end, you may be left with a rotten teeth. It doesn’t matter what kind of condition your teeth is in. A dentist can you quickly. If your teeth is in an extreme state of decay, they can use treatments such as teeth crowning to make your teeth appear healthy. How does crowning work? The dentist first clears all the stains off the decayed teeth. Next, he applies a ‘crown’ on top of the teeth. It will appear so normal that most people won’t realize it. #4 Recommendation
Every case needs a treatment that is specialized for the patient’s needs. A dentist can give you recommendations on products and techniques. For example, they may think that you are using the wrong type of toothbrush or toothpaste. If your teeth is yellow, they will recommend a toothpaste that is extremely effective in producing teeth whitening benefits.