With Invisalign Dentistry Manhattan bid adieu to metal brace


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Oct 23, 2012
For those hiding their smiles due to misaligned or crooked teeth, Invisalign dentistry Manhattan has come up as a boon. With Invisalign dentistry, this problem can be rectified conveniently and effectively that too without having any visible sign like the conventional metal braces. Manhattan Invisalign is the best solution to get rid of crowded teeth, cross bites, gaps between teeth, etc. Earlier, people have train tracks like metallic braces were the only way for teeth straightening which actually offered quality results. But the pain associated with the treatment was simply not bearable which why people have stopped opting this solution. Invisalign is the painless alternative to the traditional wire braces, offering you (the patient) comfortable teeth straightening procedure. In comparison with braces, this dental treatment offers various other benefits stated below. a) Not noticeable: It is close to impossible for anyone to know whether you are wearing aligners or not. The set of aligners is nearly invisible thus makes its practically difficult for the viewer to notice it. All what a beholder can notice is the glossy finish on your teeth. b) Flexibility: This advancement solution to treat misaligned teeth gives you complete freedom to remove them while eating and enjoy your food at the fullest. However, there is a fixed time frame for which one has to wear these aligners in order to get desired outcomes. c) Easy to Clean: This benefit comes along with the flexibility feature. You can remove the set and clean it effectively at regular intervals. This not only helps you to keep the aligners clean but also lets your teeth free from infections as you can easily brush and floss. d) Tailor-made aligners: For the perfect fit for your teeth structure, customized trays are provided which needs to be changed at regular intervals. Similar to metal braces which needs to be tighten up to maintain the right pressure on the teeth, these aligners require to be replaced with the new customized set. An Invisalign expert can easily and efficaciously provide all these benefits, all you need is to consult the Best dentist in Manhattan for the same. After a thorough examination of your oral health, and taking some images for your teeth structure, the dentist will prepare a customize aligner for you. Later with the help of some tools, he will gently and precisely fix the trays on your teeth. The total duration to get the final results varies from person to person, however usually the treatment takes four to nine months to show the results.