Working As A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) In San Franci


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Oct 3, 2012
As a CNA, you have the opportunity to fill a wide variety of roles from working in nursing homes and hospitals to personal homes and adult day care facilities. A nursing assistant aids in basic quality of life demands for an array of patients from a variety of age groups and cultural backgrounds. In this position, nurses not only make sure that patients’ daily needs are met, but they also serve as a liaison to doctors and supervisors. Because they are in contact with the patient each day, they collect important information on the condition of their wards. For more information on CNA positions click here. Demand for CNAs There is a great demand for CNAs and there are a number of CNA jobs in San Francisco and other locations. Not only is it easy for a qualified and compassionate CNA to find a position, but the position can serve as an excellent stepping stone to a variety of more advanced medical positions. Working part time, nurses aids can easily obtain their RN degree while working and gaining important hands-on experience. Daily Duties As a CNA, you can expect to administer any necessary medications to patients in addition to in home regular treatments. These procedures may include enemas, irrigations, suppositories, massages, irrigations, or douches. You will also sanitize and clean patient living conditions including, examination rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, and other areas. In addition, you will observe and record patient conditions including their behavior, physical symptoms. You then must share all information with nurses and doctors. Finally, you replace and clean all stockings, bandages, slings and dressings. While many of the duties might be hard for some people to handle, if you are a person interested in caring for others this can be an ideal position, and you will most certainly learn a substantial amount about the medical field. Flexibility If you are interested in a job with flexibility, you can work part time or for a staffing company, which can help you find a variety of positions that can provide a variety of hours. This can be an ideal position for a working mother or a nursing or medical student. As a mom, you can work evening hours when your kids are asleep and spend important quality time with them. Travel Opportunities
There are many nursing career placement services that allow you to work in a variety of locations. If you are interested in working in San Francisco, you can contact a service, and they will connect you with an appropriate position. They will also provide housing and relocation services. You can travel temporarily or choose to stay more long term. Why San Francisco? San Francisco is a thriving and exciting city with a wide selection of activities and culture. Visit any of the incredible museums that cover interests from science to history. San Francisco also offers an array of renowned theater and impressive shopping. Living in San Francisco you will never be at loss for what to do with your free time. In addition, San Francisco offers a number of respected medical facilities, and a CNA position will allow you to work with a number of respected doctors and nurses, providing you with an excellent range of experience. More Information visit: