Yeast Infection Pictures


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Oct 18, 2012
Yeast infection is a very common ailment with about 75 percent of women encountering this condition at least once during their lifetime. Thankfully, there are a number of home remedies that are quite effective in treating yeast infection. But the first challenge is to diagnose your condition properly since there many different conditions that cause a reddish skin rash. This is where it can be helpful to examine clinical yeast infection pictures on-line to compare with your own skin rash. It is important to properly diagnose your condition before treating it. If you don’t have ready access to obtain a professional medical diagnosis, or if you just prefer to educate yourself, these pictures can help. Comparing yeast infection pictures from clinically diagnosed patients with your own condition can help give you a better idea if you have a yeast infection or some other ailment. Common areas of yeast infection include the mouth, throat, scalp, vagina, fingers, or toes. Any area of skin can be affected but the most common are the soft, moist areas between toes or fingers or in the folds of the groin area. It’s best to find pictures of the same affected area of the skin that you are trying to diagnose. One great on-line resource that offers a wide variety of medical yeast infection pictures is the Global Skin Atlas. This site uses the technical name “Candidiasis” so simply enter this in the search box in order to view detailed photos of yeast overgrowth affecting different areas of the body. Another great resource is the Dermnet Skin Disease Atlas. From the home page it may be difficult to find yeast infection pictures but if you look under “Popular Image Categories” and click on the “Tinea” link to open a gallery of pictures for Tinea (Ringworm), Candidiasis, and other Fungal Infections. Again, this site uses the technical name “Candidiasis” for yeast infection. Here you can select which type of yeast infection pictures you want to see under one of the following categories: – Candida Groin
– Candida Penis
– Candidiasis Diaper
– Candidiasis large Skin Folds
– Candidiasis Mouth
– Candidiasis Vaginal Because a vaginal skin inflammation can be caused by one of a number of serious medical conditions, it is crucial that you clearly identify your condition before deciding to treat it as a yeast infection. While self-diagnosis using yeast infection pictures found on-line may be helpful, it is always best to be diagnosed by a licensed health professional if available. Once you’ve identified that your condition is a yeast infection, you can consider a number of home remedies which have proven to be effective in treating this condition. An important fact you should understand is that a yeast infection is actually just an imbalance of the naturally occurring helpful organisms, therefore, the basic approach to natural treatment is to restore the proper balance. Eating yogurt containing acidophilus cultures or taking pro-biotic supplements is a great first step. Also, plain unsweetened yogurt can be applied directly to the affected areas of the skin to sooth the itching and help improve the balance of normal bacteria to offset the yeast overgrowth. Using a combination of home remedies over a number of days, you should find relief for vaginal yeast infection or male yeast infection and with continued care, you can avoid future infections. Home Remedies Yeast Infection provides up-to-date information on effective home remedies for yeast infection. Here you can find the helpful articles on yeast infection symptoms, causes, and treatments for both female and male yeast infection with drawings and yeast infection pictures. Home treatment of yeast infection is easy to do and much less expensive than commercially sold preparations.